Women and Standing Rock: ‘Nothing will ever be the same!’

first_imgMahtowin Munro and Diva WilliamsExcerpts from a talk given by Mahtowin Munro of the United American Indians of New England at the International Working Women’s Day program of the Boston Branch of Workers World Party and the Women’s Fightback Network on March 24.  Munro is also lead organizer for Indigenous People’s Day in Massachusetts.The relationship of Indigenous peoples to the land that was invaded is of first importance, not an afterthought. Everyone needs to think about your relationship to the land and water where you live. For Indigenous people, we are caretakers of the land and water. They are part of our personal bodies and of our body politic as tribal people. In defending the land and water, we exert our inherent sovereignty as Native Nations.I am inspired by Indigenous women who have been great warriors or scholars or leaders. But we have so many amazing Indigenous women past and present who hold our families together, our own mothers and grandmothers and aunties, who show tremendous courage and strength every day even if they did not become the first lawyer or first tenured professor or ride a horse and lead everybody into a big battle against white people.When I think about International Women’s Day, I think about a lot of women who went before, more than we could name here, women whose names are not known, because some of our history has been stolen from us.When I am talking about women, I want to explicitly say that I am including trans women. It is important to celebrate the resurgence of Two Spirit leadership that is occurring, with a strong Two Spirit presence at Standing Rock and many other places.Women and Two Spirit people have been bearing the weight of colonialism in so many ways, for so long.When Columbus and Cortés and the Pilgrims and all those other invaders came, they had no understanding of the land. In fact, they saw it as something to be tamed and conquered. Their contempt for the land was matched by their greed and by their violence against women and Two Spirit people.This violence has not stopped for a single day. Black and trans people are wholesale murdered this year and every year. There are thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and Two Spirits throughout the Americas. Our relations are sold into the “man camps” at fracking and pipeline sites or shipped out on boats from ports such as Duluth, Minn.The leadership of women at Standing Rock was not new. Women have always been leading the way. However, the settlers intentionally undercut our leadership and would only deal with men as leaders. In more recent times, the media have often ignored the work of women and focused on male leaders. But it was impossible for that to happen at Standing Rock.Unprecedented unity I have heard a few people say that we lost, that nothing was gained at Standing Rock, because the water protectors did not succeed in shutting down the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. That is false.Nothing will ever be the same! The unprecedented unity of Indigenous peoples from throughout the world has strengthened the Native struggle in a thousand ways. And there was an extraordinary outpouring of support from non-Native people. Thousands of people traveled out there, and thousands marched and raised money and found other ways to support.The Trump administration greenlighted the Dakota Access Pipeline project, and oil may run through any day now. But the struggle has spread. Fights against pipelines and all extractive industries in the Americas began long before the Dakota Access struggle, and they will continue long after, too.Our struggles are deadly serious. We are fighting for water, for life, for future generations. It is no exaggeration to say that our beautiful planet, our only planet, is in danger of dying. And we are running out of time.The fundamental right to clean water flows through many communities and many struggles right now. The people of Flint, Mich., are still suffering. Water is continuing to be shut off in Detroit and Baltimore and other cities, predominantly in Black neighborhoods. Migrants in border colonias, and farm workers and people in rural Black communities, all deal with unsafe water. On the Navajo reservation, 40 percent of people do not have drinkable water, and there is uranium even in the little babies’ bodies there. More than 100 Native Nations in Canada do not have drinkable water.“Water Is Life” is not just a slogan. Defending our planet is not a “bougie” white thing, although it can certainly feel that way looking at many environmental nongovernmental organizations. Poor people, Indigenous peoples, people of color are most impacted by environmental devastation. This is OUR struggle.We need to join together to resist Trump and fight fascism. We don’t need to be respectable and we must not collaborate. We don’t need to give free speech to Nazis and white supremacists. We need to fight on all fronts. We don’t need to drop the struggle every few years to focus all our energy on elections, either.We may get little reforms here and there, like crumbs dropping from their tables, but that is not enough. I was always taught to be grateful, maybe you were too, and that is a good practice for all of us. But I will not be grateful for crumbs, for colonization or for capitalist economic and government systems that do not represent us. Crumbs are not going to save the earth, they are not going to save the water, and they are not going to save us or people suffering from endless imperialist theft and wars, whether in Palestine or Puerto Rico.I think we also need to actively participate in the construction of alternatives to these systems. I see the work of the Zapatistas doing that down in Chiapas, for instance.We need to work together and learn from each other and the struggles of the past, to follow the example of Standing Rock. The hundreds of those arrested include many youth and elders and many, many women. As the water protector camps were finally cleared entirely in late February, one of the last arrested was Regina Brave, who is 80 and was also a veteran of the Wounded Knee takeover in 1973.There is a war against us. The war did not just start when Trump was elected. Immigrants, Muslims, disabled people, Black and Latinx and Asian people, Indigenous, trans and Two Spirit people — we must be in solidarity with each other.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

News black-out on death of former top leader Zhao Ziyang

first_img June 2, 2021 Find out more Organisation Foreign satellite TV stations, including CNN, Bloomberg and BBC World Service, were censored as soon as they mentioned his death.The funeral, scheduled for 29 January at Babaoshan cemetery (west of Beijing) is being held under tight security. Party officials have been banned from attending and dozens of people have been put under house arrest to stop them going. They include Liu Xiaobo, a pro-democracy activist, and Yu Shicun, former editor of the magazine Zhanlue Yu Guanli (Strategy and Management), which was banned last September.At least 100 people have already been arrested or beaten for trying to pay their respects to Zhao, notably by wearing a white flower. The foreign media was prevented from filming in front of his Beijing home, where hundreds of people gathered. A BBC World Service reporter was turned away from the entrance. News ChinaAsia – Pacific Receive email alerts Democracies need “reciprocity mechanism” to combat propaganda by authoritarian regimes Help by sharing this information ChinaAsia – Pacific China’s Cyber ​​Censorship Figures News Follow the news on China RSF_en China: Political commentator sentenced to eight months in prison All Chinese media have been banned from mentioning the country’s former Prime minister, since his death on 17 January except in a small item from the official news agency. Internet forums and blogs have been censored and the foreign media forbidden to cover the funeral. to go further April 27, 2021 Find out more Reporters Without Borders today deplored continuing efforts by China’s ruling Communist Party to clamp down on all news about former prime minister and party leader Zhao Ziyang on the eve of his funeral tomorrow and called on the international community to press the regime to stop its “ruthless censorship” aimed at “the father of China’s economic and political reforms.” Zhao’s name does not appear on Internet discussion forums and search engines accessible inside China. Foreign media have been banned from the funeral. “The regime has rarely targeted a single news topic so energetically since the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre,” the press freedom organisation said, “and once again foreign journalists have been prevented from covering an event that bothers the authorities.”The death on 17 January of Zhao, who was prime minister from 1980 to 1987 and also secretary-general of the Communist Party, was announced in a brief 60-word item by the official news agency Xinhua. His party post was not mentioned and no picture of him was supplied.The party set up a committee to manage with the death of the man accused of supporting the 1989 pro-democracy demonstrators and who, after being dismissed for doing so, lived the rest of his life under house arrest and banned from talking to the media.The regime’s propaganda department forbade radio and TV stations to mention him and newspapers were only allowed to print (but not as a major item) the Xinhua dispatch headed simply “Comrade Zhao Ziyang is dead.” News News January 28, 2005 – Updated on January 20, 2016 News black-out on death of former top leader Zhao Ziyang Foreign media have been banned from covering the funeral. A foreign ministry spokesman said at the ministry’s daily press conference on 27 January that no arrangements had been made for media coverage. Asked how journalists would be treated if they tried to attend, he replied: “Why do you want to go to Babaoshan?”In a bid to avoid a big media presence at the funeral, the ministry is organising a press conference at exactly the same time at Beijing airport to mark the first direct flight between China and Taiwan.The regime has also managed to very effectively control the news about Zhao on the Internet from inside China. His death set off a torrent of messages to online forums but the messages were quickly deleted and very strict orders given to those running the forums. No reaction to the death has since appeared online except for the brief official announcements. Even the usually lively Beijing University forum has not featured any discussion about him. The Chinese human rights website Cicus (www.cicus.org) said the party’s propaganda department ordered the country’s major Internet portals (Sina, Sohu and NetEase) to delete all mention of Zhao as soon as he died.Comment also quickly appeared on various blogs, especially cnblog.org (see its archives for some remaining messages about Zhao). But the China Herald (www.chinaherald.net), a blog about the growth of new technology in China, said police soon called the blogs’ ISPs to order them to ban all material about him. Zhao’s name also cannot be found by Internet users inside China on the Chinese search engine Baidu, which Google recently invested in, or on the Chinese version of Yahoo!, which has agreed to censor itself under pressure from the regime. March 12, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

Will agents need virtual viewings after Covid is over?

first_imgHome » News » Will agents need virtual viewings after Covid is over? previous nextProducts & ServicesWill agents need virtual viewings after Covid is over?We spoke to three property firms to find out whether they think the huge demand for virtual viewings during the lockdown will continue once normality returns.Nigel Lewis26th June 20201 Comment2,322 Views Before the Coronavirus pandemic struck virtual viewings were just another tool among many used by agents to market properties.But although the Covid lockdown has promoted this emerging technology from nice to have to essential, no one is arguing that people will buy or rent homes after just a virtual viewing.One major London developer, who wished to remain anonymous, said it had only secured one sale via a virtual viewing since offering them across its newbuild sites just before the lockdown.And there’s a lot of hype around virtual viewings – both agents and developers want to be seen offering the technology but do they really believe in it? We spoke to a trio of agents and developers to find out.Steve Walker, MD of estate agency Collinson Hall in St Albans“We have had to ensure a safe environment with appropriate social distancing measures in place over recent weeks, but buyers are still very cautious so I think the way we now have to conduct physical viewings could be the new norm,” he says.“Covid-19 has brought the property industry back to the golden age of selling style – quality over quantity and virtual technology has played a role in that.“Our clients using virtual tours as part of the vetting process to help reduce time wastage on travelling to multiple properties that weren’t what they were expecting.“As a result, people who are visiting our homes physically again are now a much better quality lead than they were before.“Pre-lockdown, we would have to chase people for their feedback whereas now, there is such a ‘competitive’ feel in the air making buyers want to act quickly.“For example, on a viewing recently, a couple we were showing around a town house at Gabriel Square in St Albans, asked us if the people waiting at reception were due to visit the same property as them.”Victoria Creber, Sales & Marketing chief at developer Galion, Somerset“I don’t expect physical viewings to stop, as buyers – owner occupiers in particular – still want to feel, touch and see a home,” she says.“But I do think the role of virtual technology has evolved over recent weeks, moving away from being beneficial at a time when people couldn’t actually see a home, to becoming a key stepping stone for booking in a physical viewing – which in turn brings us a higher quality buyer.“We have found this is happening because buyers are using virtual tours to vet properties first, in order to find the most ideal home(s) for them to view physically.“WhatsApp has been the most popular method for our clients, where they can see what the build quality is like, and understand more about what Galion is all about, whilst also asking questions on the phone.Antony Crovella, Sales & Marketing chief at Meyer Homes, London“Originally, virtual viewings were there to help developers and estate agents continue marketing their homes throughout troubled times,” he says. “However, their role has now changed – and it’s here to stay.At Meyer Homes, for example, we used Facetime or WhatsApp, but we have also invested in video gaming software, Revvis – which allows buyers to not only walk around and interact like they would in a video game, but to also design the interior and garden in real time.“Both methods have been extremely successful. We are finding that the offer to viewing ratio is much higher than it was pre-lockdown. “Buyers still want to view a property before committing, but they are using our virtual tour offering to cut down their initial list of interested properties first.”Collinson Hall Meyer Homes Galion Revvis June 26, 2020Nigel LewisOne commentMatteo Donna, Alex & Matteo Estate Agents Alex & Matteo Estate Agents 28th June 2020 at 7:50 amI agree with Mr Walker. Quality over quantity. We have been offering free virtual tours to all our sellers and landlord from last year and it has been great.We first show the virtual tour to our potential tenants / buyers and then book a physical viewing.Log in to ReplyWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021last_img read more

Russian parliament OKs New START nuclear treaty extension

first_imgMOSCOW (AP) — Russian lawmakers have quickly approved the extension of the last remaining nuclear Russia-U.S. arms control, a fast-track action that comes just days before it’s due to expire. Both houses of parliament voted unanimously Wednesday to extend the New START treaty for five years a day after a phone call between U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin said they agreed to complete the necessary extension procedures in the next few days, according to the Kremlin. The pact’s extension doesn’t require congressional approval in the U.S., but Russian lawmakers must ratify the move and Putin is to sign the relevant bill into law.last_img read more

100 million members! Now what?

first_img 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Q&A with Dan Kaiser, Senior Vice President, Lending & Payment Security, CUNA Mutual GroupQ: Why are credit unions so good at signing up new members, but then not capturing wallet share from those new members? Is there a flaw in the process? Training? Culture?A: As credit unions look to grow, indirect lending continues to be a valuable product to build new membership. While increased use of indirect lending as a strategic lever to grow loans can bring positive business results, it tends to produce softer relationships between member and credit union.A member who has an indirect loan may not have the same affinity as a traditional member, increasing the marketing costs to expand this relationship beyond the indirect loan. As a credit union looks at its strategic portfolio of member wallet share, the challenge or opportunity will be how to expand the indirect lending relationship over the next several years.In addition, the digital and mobile revolution in the financial industry has weakened an institution’s ability to be recognized as a consumer’s primary financial institution.  Historically, consumers would choose where to keep their checking and savings account, and then rely on that same institution for other financial/insurance products and services.In the digital age, more competition and options provide consumers with the ability to spread their financial services and investments, letting rates and the best experience win their business over pre-established relationships and familiarity. Credit unions are not immune to this trend, and must continue to compete not only on service but also on product and technology innovation to attract the younger demographic. continue reading »last_img read more

US announces charges against Chinese, Malaysian hackers

first_imgTwo other Chinese nationals who formerly worked for Chengdu 404, and the two Malaysians, were indicted for hacking into major gaming companies to steal their secrets and “gaming artifacts,” likely tradable in-game chits and credits, and resell them.Together the seven were long recognized by cybersecurity experts as the “APT41” hacking organization, identified by their shared tools and techniques.While some had thought that the group could be run by the Chinese government, the indictments did not identify a strong official connection.But according to court filings, Jiang Lizhi, one of the Chengdu 404 hackers, boasted to a colleague in 2012 that he was protected by China’s Ministry of State Security, and indicated they were protected if they did not hack domestically. The US Justice Department on Wednesday announced charges against five Chinese nationals and two Malaysians who ran global hacking operations for at least six years to steal identities and video game technology, plant ransomware, and spy on Hong Kong activists.Three of the Chinese suspects operated out of Chengdu 404, a Sichuan-based company that purported to offer network security services for other businesses.They hacked the computers of hundreds of companies and organizers around the world to collect identities, hijack systems for ransom, and remotely use thousands of computers to mine for cryptocurrency like bitcoin.  Topics :center_img “Some of these criminal actors believed their association with the PRC provided them free license to hack and steal across the globe,” federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin said in a statement.The charges did not indicate any direct political motivations behind the hackers’ activities, though they did gain access to government computer systems in India and Vietnam.But they said that in 2018, Chengdu 404 deployed a program to collect information on people involved in Hong Kong’s democracy movement, on a US media group reporting on the treatment of minority Uighurs in China’s Xinjiang region, and on a Tibetan Buddhist monk.The filings do not indicate how the information was used.The seven face a range of charges including computer and wire fraud, identity theft, money laundering, and racketeering.The five Chinese remain at large but the two Malaysians were arrested in Malaysia on Monday and the United States is seeking their extradition.last_img read more

Caboolture home with footy goal up for sale

first_imgOne of the five bedrooms.A wing of the home has three bedrooms, all with built-in desks, and a children’s retreat.The master suite is further towards the rear of the house, with a walk-in wardrobe and resort-style ensuite.The shower has a rainwater showerhead and there is also a spa bath. More from newsLand grab sees 12 Sandstone Lakes homesites sell in a week21 Jun 2020Tropical haven walking distance from the surf9 Oct 2019The kitchen is large.A fifth bedroom is on the opposite side of the home near the garage, and could be used as either a guest bedroom or study.There is an open plan kitchen and living space, as well as a rumpus room with a wet bar made of corrugated iron. The home at 10 Lemon Grove, Caboolture, is for sale.WHEN Matt and Nichole Forrester built their Caboolture home nine years ago they wanted somewhere they could unwind.The couple have four children, so space was a necessity but otherwise wanted the 10 Lemon Grove property to be their own private haven. “We wanted an open living resort basically,” Mr Forrester said.The single-level home has 355sq m of under-roof living, on a 4006sq m block. The bar is a talking point of the home.Mr Forrester said the bar was somewhere they often entertained.“It was something we thought we could talk about, so it usually creates conversation when people come over and then leads to a couple of drinks,” he said.center_img Outside are footy goal posts.Outside is a flat, separately fenced yard with football goalposts at one end, and a netball hoop to the side.“The boys play football and the girls play netball,” Mr Forrester said.“We spend a fair bit of time out there, and if it’s not one sport we’re playing, then it’s the other.” The garage is currently set up as a gym.The garage is also currently set up as a gym.There is space for big boys’ toys with a 69m x 9m shed that includes an office, shower, toilet, kitchenette and airconditioning.Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 7:28Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -7:28 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality Levels576p576p480p480p256p256p228p228pAutoA, selectedAudio Tracken (Main), selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreenPrestige property with Liz Tilley07:29last_img read more

Pedicab driver falls in Mandurriao drug bust

first_imgGuatala – resident of the village – wasnabbed after he sold a sachet of suspected shabu to an undercover cop around11:30 a.m. on Feb. 18, the report added. Five sachets of suspected shabu wererecovered from 31-year-old Mark David Guatala, a police report showed. The suspect was detained in the lockupfacility of the Mandurriao police station. Charges for violation of RepublicAct 9165, or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 will be filedagainst him./PNcenter_img ILOILO City – Police arrested a pedicabdriver in a drug buy-bust operation in Barangay Dungon C, Manduriaodistrict.  last_img read more

Franklin County crash injures two

first_imgFranklin County, In. — A two-vehicle crash on Monday injured two people.A report from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department says a car driven by Becky Paugh, 22, of Rushville, was eastbound on Old U.S. 52 when she went left of center while negotiating a curve. Paugh collided with another vehicle driven by Anthony Sizemore, 30, of Laurel.Paugh was transported to a local hospital by private vehicle. Her passenger, Tammy Conley, 28, of Laurel, was flown from the scene for treatment. Sizemore was not injured.The accident remains under investigation.last_img read more

House Ag Approves CFTC Bill

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Jerry HagstromDTN Political CorrespondentWASHINGTON, D.C. (DTN) — After the House Agriculture Committee on Wednesday approved a bipartisan bill to reauthorize the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, House Agriculture Chairman Collin Peterson, D-Minn., said the bill “sends a strong message to the Senate. The people that look to our markets for integrity don’t care about political wins and losses. They expect us to conduct the business of this committee.”Peterson noted, “The CFTC authorization expired in 2013, so it is overdue, and I’m glad we are on a bipartisan path to get it done.” Although the CFTC has continued to function normally under appropriations bills, Peterson also said that Heath Tarbert, the new CFTC chairman, “is also keen to have his agency formally reauthorized.”Tarbert in a press release praised the committee’s action and said, “The sound regulation of our derivatives markets, which see more than $4 trillion in notional activity each day, is critical to the health of the U.S. economy and the pocketbook of every American. These markets help inform the price of everything from food and gasoline to home mortgage interest. Today’s bipartisan action highlights the importance of the work done at the CFTC and represents a significant first step in the legislative process. I look forward to working with members of both parties in both chambers to see a bill through.”For the most part, the bill continues the CFTC’s previous authorities, but it also reinforces its fraud authority, establishes an Office of the Chief Economist and expands the office of Minority and Women Inclusion.House Agriculture Commodity Exchanges, Energy and Credit Subcommittee Chairman David Scott, D-Ga., noted that the bill also will establish and maintain a paid internship program for students from 1890s historically black colleges and universities, schools that serve Hispanic and Latino students, 1994 tribal colleges, and those schools that serve the territories.The bill also contains a digital commodities section, but House Agriculture ranking member Michael Conaway, R-Texas, said, “Today’s legislation continues the important work of reauthorizing the agencies and programs in our jurisdiction, but I do want to caution that we are not breaking much new ground. This bill does not address important issues around the emerging world of digital assets, especially those digital commodities that fall within our committee’s jurisdiction.”Three freshmen Democrats claimed credit for provisions in the bill.Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., said in a news release that the bill contains her provision that would bring clarity to the determination of which commodity broker assets will be used to cover the costs of equity claims during bankruptcy proceedings. Specifically, the Spanberger provision would require that a commodity broker’s cash, securities, or other property be classified as customer property to help pay the net equity claims of a broker’s public customers following the broker’s bankruptcy.“Amid widespread trade worries, the American futures market currently faces tremendous financial uncertainty. In this unstable economic climate, agribusinesses in central Virginia and across the country are always looking to better protect themselves against the consequences of unpredictable fluctuations in the market,” said Spanberger. “Today, the House Agriculture Committee passed my bill to bring more clarity to the CFTC’s commodity broker bankruptcy rules.“By streamlining these regulations, we are giving producers more certainty as they look to expand their operations and invest in new facilities, equipment, and employees,” Spanberger said.Peterson said in the news release that “Spanberger’s provision in the reauthorization legislation would give our country’s agribusinesses some much-needed peace of mind during bankruptcy proceedings, and I was glad to see her bill pass with strong bipartisan support.”Spanberger noted her provision is endorsed by the Virginia Agribusiness Council and the National Futures Association.Rep. Cindy Axne, D-Iowa, said, “This legislation includes language from my Whistleblower Programs Improvement Act, which strengthens protections for whistleblowers that report wrongdoing or violations of commodities law. We should be protecting folks that do the right thing by reporting market manipulation or fraud, not exposing them to being fired if they speak up.”Rep. Angie Craig, D-Minn., said the bill contains her provision “to ensure that church retirement and healthcare plans are not regulated the same way for-profit corporations are — allowing churches to provide their employees with the healthcare they need and the retirement savings they have earned.”Conaway commented, “We’ve included new protections for charitable organizations and church retirement plans so they will not be subjected to regulations designed for Wall Street, as well as ensuring the protection of customers’ hard-earned assets in the case of a commodity broker bankruptcy.”Jerry Hagstrom can be reached at [email protected] him on Twitter @hagstromreport(CCSK)© Copyright 2019 DTN/The Progressive Farmer. All rights reserved.last_img read more