How to optimize your website from peer website method

?The basic data

A their level page directory in the root directory, or directory two.

C. of the associated page they are making recommendation etc.. You have a very good purchase experience.

B. their page quality content is rich, such as their page whether drying single user, user evaluation etc..

we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization very easy thinking, is by virtue of experience to do. Because the search engine algorithm update, many outdated, so reasonable with good reference for improving the website optimization efficiency and pertinence is very useful. With the development of the company, the revision on the work schedule. The following letter and will share how to optimize your website from peer website method. read more

How to spread the brand website

how to solve this problem? The general site title keywords + brand words, special words car brands are doing now, almost become a commercial word. How to solve this problem, the creation of an independent brand, by the Shanghai dragon Er think about how to create independent brand word


first, with no predecessors, no

1). The existing brand +

in special vehicle industry, how to create

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when the choice of good brand, how to layout the whole network? B2B, blog, send information platform, the text, with the creation of the brand, whether in the search engine, user search to the first page, is already all had good layout, let the other Shanghai dragon Er cannot enter the competition. Because of this self created brand, competitors can do to promote competition, and is not afraid of competitors do promotion, the first page is self brand word, stressed that the official in the layout, allowing users to understand, and the user can. read more