Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform DNS server instability can also lead to site is screen

was traced to these sites are using Godaddy DNS *.DOMAINCONTROL贵族宝贝 server DNS server, this series of stability problems, Baiduspider often not analytic to IP, according to Baiduspider, web site

is deadWe also found that

A5 station network May 20th news recently, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform announcement on the unstable DNS server would be the website effect made orders. Notice that if you find the site from Shanghai love web search disappear, do not be too nervous, perhaps not because of right down, is likely to provoke a DNS server. read more

How to promote the small and medium sized business website search engine marketing

is currently the most common way of network marketing is to pay for the promotion, pay a fee to the service providers, simply buy advertising. Such as the love of Shanghai, through the bidding way in front of the website in search engine ranking ranking, calculating fees in accordance with the number of clicks.

search engine marketing what is


search engine marketing, is Search Engine Marketing English Chinese translation, referred to as SEM, the fundamental is to master the use of search engine users habits, based on information retrieved the opportunity of product or service delivery to the target user, say simply, is to use the search engine of the platform to promote the target user from search engine the types can be divided into two categories: read more

The new station to quickly search engines

three, moderate external links

as a web site optimization personnel to the site optimization, first let the search engine information included in the website, and then talking about the website snapshot, reverse link, right down the website, how to make their new sites quickly indexed by search engines for grass roots webmaster is a very troublesome problem today, I will tell you some tips to quickly let the love of Shanghai included in the new.

new sites in after, according to the two major search engines love Shanghai and Google made the corresponding site map (robots.txt, sitemap.xml), robots and sitemap must be strictly in accordance with the standard to write some characters in the middle can not have spaces, for example (Disallow: /), this command will counter on the website included play. In addition, the map must take the website article list page added, so that the search engine spiders to crawl other pages. read more

Wide point optimization techniques note

directional accuracy is important, the second is to attract click drainage to the platform, the accurate direction key direction is exposed, and the creative material’s focus is to attract click. This requires higher specifications of material creativity, it is important to note: image creative highlights, especially to ensure the correlation. Some creative "high standard", but the user simply can not clear, not practical. In addition the advertising material is not to win, the more the better. Especially need to avoid problems: use the same material do not repeat. read more

On the link to buy three points should be paid attention to in the process

here aside, the quality of this link, put a little, if a website chain too much, it is easy to be se, will be considered spam links, therefore, cannot choose a chain.

today, in the office, heard a foreign senior said, we do Shanghai dragon must remain stable, steady growth, can not be done today to link out tomorrow, today will not have the content, gone tomorrow, these are taboo, and will be here mention, that is black chain, as we all know, black chain is not stable in nature, so, if you want a website development, so we can not get a certain period of the black chain, each website has a copy of his growth, and not just stable black chain is easy to site Shanghai scored love nest, to the black chain, from the development of a regular chain purchase plan to start, then what kind of plan is perfect, generally speaking, the link cannot do too fast, can be in accordance with the Links The frequency of the day 1-2 exchange links, then buy is the same, not one day 5-6 links together, sure this link on the site too much, and added, usually to observe the response of Shanghai love, generally speaking, 2-3 days later, again can be added, after all continued the link is website promotion way, so long a chain in accordance with this plan, I believe that soon there will be results. read more

How to query the love of Shanghai included reprinted the chain

and make people feel unbelievable is that direct input "the title of the specified URL" and enter "the specified URL title" search results are completely different in Shanghai love search bar, great difference. Enter the title of the article specifies the URL "love Shanghai" input query results is far less than the specified URL title "search results" (a Shanghai dragon in charge of Shanghai dragon team meeting speech 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/ "only 50 results, and love the Shanghai search results appear" sorry, you can not find the URL. Direct access to a "Shanghai dragon in charge of Shanghai dragon team meeting speech" 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/ "prompt). read more

Let the website ranking into search engine results before three

excellence in our website before, to reinforce the foundation base, and can obtain the optimal score good user voting, search engine trust points website is keyword based optimization of high starting.

before we share many quick access to web page ranking Shanghai Dragon technology, and mostly for the vocabulary is the industry’s popular vocabulary, the word competition strength, relative ranking time and operation technology is advantageous. But, the problem is transformed into popular word rate is very low, one for the purpose of marketing website, if there is no conversion rate and the difference between what a pillow with an embroidered case. read more

Keywords real snapshot snapshot and what different situation

search site, the results were as follows:

generally appear this kind of phenomenon behind the snapshot also do not need to worry too much, because this is the basic reason why love Shanghai side, as long as the amount collected and ranked no change, no signs of the site is down right then it’s not what the problem, continue to work not to change during this period, for a period of time. The. Do not optimize the patience and tolerance to the search engine how to do.

your permission to reprint this article that I really want to keep the original is overwhelmed by an unexpected favour, address: 贵族宝贝ij.Net/ p=539 Shanghai Longfeng? As an incentive, also welcome your comments! read more

The new algorithm under the Shanghai love a few changes mentioned above also happen to you

three, a large number of B2B sites outside the chain to become No one shows any interest in, where, B2B website, forum, blog, priority among priorities among these is B2B website, forum before it may be used, but for the weight that is far less than the B2B website, every day a large number of original the editor of the product information, to be dumped into the B2B website, less day dozens, many hundreds, or even the kind of mass mechanical machine one day up to several thousand, some time outside the chain has almost become a majority of Shanghai Longfeng work. Many companies have specialized chain specialist, shows the importance of the chain, with the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform has announced on hyperlink algorithm upgrades, but also off the chain to function, this news release It is raged, don’t love Shanghai no longer need the chain, the chain of love after Shanghai ranked no help, no bitter Shanghai dragon every day to make the chain, free, relaxed, but love Shanghai really abandoned the chain, but I believe many people no longer send outside the chain of words is There are plenty of people who. read more

Links is not friendly regular maintenance checks indispensable

if the weight of the site itself is not very high, exchange links is still quite difficult, imagine and who are willing to weight lower than your own web site exchange links? If the exchange means, should they have to pass a part of weight. Although the link building is so difficult, but it is not once and for all exchange links end to wait for the search engine update snapshot of the moment, just completed a start. With the content of the website construction, also need to maintain links, and to exchange links is even more so. Because of the Friendship Exchange will also need your own website links to other websites. If the slightest mistake, such as other sites running unstable, or suffered a search engine punishment, even will bring negative influence to our website. So the link construction, especially the exchange to Links, is the need for regular and non regular inspection and maintenance. read more