Those things about the chain

The high quality of

in the construction of the chain often ignore users, marketers increasingly narrow Shanghai dragon world, a taste of the chain, the high quality of the chain to ignore, timely in the chain platform, not high quality content, the user will not concern or continue to pay attention to the readers. Then, the high quality content is reflected in those aspects? High quality content must be reflected in the high correlation of the subject fully associated with their own website theme, and multi-level elaboration and explanation, to help readers more simple and more favorable access to information, to obtain the knowledge accumulation. It is a reminder: the process too much emphasis on quantization, while ignoring the quality, but the chain is not high quality, more prone to spam, but have a negative impact on their website. read more

The revision of the influence of the website is how much

website how much impact on the website of the Shanghai dragon, I think a lot of people have their own website revision in the website optimization, change may be small, like to change the title, change the keywords, change the description of the website, and some older even change the layout the. However, we all know that sometimes the revision of the site’s ranking effect is very large, especially some small sites do not long, the author of the station is hit in the revision of not long ago, because recently did a new station, the content is the quantity and quality of the original chain are good, probably do a month had ranking and weight, but there is no ranking after the rise, this is also the hair, the chain is doing, then you think about is not the title of writing is not good enough? Keywords set? Describe the writing unattractive? Site layout is not reasonable user experience? Is not high? In the tangle of about a week, I decided to redesign the site. read more

Foreign companies are reluctant to spend money to do the four reason Shanghai Dragon

ideal effect in a short period of time

4. can not promise effect of Shanghai dragon company

1. applies to all enterprises

Husayni (network promotion experts) industry for the regional nature of the teeth to correct the example: in 2010 as a powerful example by doing noble baby Shanghai Longfeng optimization, ranks the first page, in the correct teeth industry practitioners a year average revenue grew 50 thousand to $300 thousand.

those who do not realize the importance of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises believe that such as part of pet grooming, counseling and selling imported car industry are local nature, network Shanghai dragon does not help them to do. read more

Analysis on the health degree of the website from the site traffic sources


With the further promotion of

today I talk to you about the analysis of Web site from the website traffic sources health, website traffic sources, is divided into three kinds, the search engine into the chain into and directly enter the URL into. From these three kinds of traffic sources can be analyzed the proportion of health website, website optimization success and shortcomings, and then targeted to the best website promotion, website to thrive.

The author thinks that the

website, the occupancy rate increased, directly reflects your website brand building do is successful, imagine, love Shanghai has been popular, you love Shanghai, love is the direct input site in Shanghai, Shanghai in Google search or love. Of course, this ratio is the more the better, but do 30% has been very good, after all, very few people remember. read more

f you are going to meet Shanghai Longfeng single hands are you ready

2, Shanghai dragon payment service cooperation.

1, there is not enough time to go and Shanghai dragon company to resell the world.

Shanghai to undertake the dragon and the business through the network, in the Shanghai dragon hands are mostly some little scale companies, they have business sources that have special karma to talk about a single expert, can be a lot to Shanghai dragon orders, a dedicated customer service staff to follow up, so they have enough people to communicate and if you are a person, or the personnel arrangement is Jincu company, you should consider whether you have enough time to deal with the Shanghai dragon network communication read more

n order to change the status quo Shanghai dragon face best love Shanghai update algorithm

The author >

awoken, since I did not love can change the Shanghai algorithm right, do not have enough influence. Then I also tangled what, as long as I insist on your white hat Shanghai dragon road, Shanghai with love rules, then one day Shanghai will recognize my website, give me a reasonable status".

written in the last

measures: maintaining the status quo, adhere to the white hat Shanghai dragon

now love Shanghai changing algorithm, introduced a variety of policies, to let us Shanghai Longfeng workers more difficult, but in Dennis opinion, game rules of the game, the search engine search engine rules remain the same, even if the constantly changing algorithm, but it does not change the fundamental core. read more

Ali cloud released search product OpenSearch

ranking in the search results, OpenSearch provides two ordering schemes can be customized: rough arrangement of stage, allows the user to configure the use of document attribute fields, counted characteristic function weights custom collation; fine line stage, users can write more complex expressions to custom sort rules used to support the operator, conditions the expression, location and function of mathematical functions, more numerical characteristics.

day, Ali cloud also announced another two products: the Message Queuing service and cloud archiving service OAS MQS. MQS can transmit information in different systems and modules, the number of requests per second can handle millions, eliminating the need for developers to build their own maintenance and trouble. OAS provides a data storage service with very low cost, suitable for digital media, enterprise archive, scientific experiment data, personal and other offline data backup. read more

Grassroots Webmaster the development trend of search engine in China

search engine for the ranking algorithm with the number of the chain, included, snapshots, the relevant factors of user experience, yesterday wrote an article " when the Shanghai dragon does not need to do what to do when the chain is about " and if the search engine is no longer outside the chain for ranking factors, some what do we Adsense? With the search engine algorithm adjustment, from various aspects can see ranking does not depend on the chain. Such as: low weight BBS signature, blog weight is also reduced the phenomenon. What explains that search engine will not be outside the chain as the main factor in the rankings. The chain is not controllable, especially for some simple outside chain, more likely to be deleted or ignored by love Shanghai. Instead, embedded in a high quality soft Wen in the chain life cycle will be very long, and reproduced rate will be very high. read more

A5 marketing medical website how to do SEO does not fall right

and TKD, the brand also includes: "the hospital news", "hospital bulletin" and "hospital culture", "honor" and so on, it can highlight the "hospital" value.

: don’t cater to the user and create the title

! flow

two: brand keywords supplemented by

users to search for medical information, are fundamental to the question which appears, so a large number of medical websites to post match.

on the above screenshot, so far: how many medical station hasn’t done? And do the site, basically is mortal, but until now there is no aware of the problem. This is more serious, the lighter is: what is the cause of eczema, so a lot of questions are not recommended in the title, appear up in ordinary medical websites, this type of "title" should be normal use are: Q & a platform type of website. read more

Around the user and search engine site search writing is not easy to be deleted

3, write in line with the theme of related articles, before the website is varied, with false original tools easy to write numerous articles, and now the search engine to improve the requirements, rely on the previous weight adaptation of the web site are copied, reduced a lot, so we must write in line with their own site theme articles I love Shanghai engine in grasping the content should be able to grab headlines, but this time you are not related with the title, but it also included your article read more