Oxford fights killer internet virus

first_imgA global computer virus has infected university computers, causing significant disruption to the university network. IT departments in various colleges were fighting the Internet worm, Sasser, which was discovered on Friday night. The situation was complicated when emails offering a solution to the worm were circulated. It contained the Netsky virus instead. The scale of the problems caused by the worm in some colleges was highlighted by John Veness, Computer Officer at Magdalen College, who told Cherwell, “I’m fighting this virus at the moment. I haven’t got time to talk to a newspaper.” Magdalen College security was affected, too, as the broken connections meant that Bodleian cards, used for entering student accommodation, failed to open the security doors. Emergency door release alarms had to be broken to allow students back into their rooms. “It’s made life very difficult”, admitted Zain Alatas, a first year student at Magdalen. Other colleges seemed to have avoided widespread infection, or completely eluded the virus. Merton College said that only a few students’ machines had been infected and they had been “dealt with promptly”. At 12.30pm there was an “emergency reboot” of the Bodleian router by OUCS. An email sent to colleges and departments on the affected networks stated that this was necessary because of “severe memory fragmentation.”ARCHIVE: 1st week TT 2004last_img

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