Election Oxford: more candidates announced, where to vote and hustings

first_imgAs tactical voting makes the news, many students are deciding whether to vote at university or at home. Oxford students are divided across two constituencies – Oxford East, and Oxford West and Abingdon. “I’m a firm believer in a cleaner, brighter future through investment in renewable energy, public transport and free education.” Where should you vote? “A Labour government means better pay, affordable housing and investment in public services. Each of the candidates will be given 4 minutes to make a state- ment, before taking questions. The event will be held on 26 th November at St Michael Church, on Cornmarket Street. Rosie Sourbut, former Oxford University Labour Club co-chair and current student, has announced she is running as the Labour candidate in Oxford West and Abingdon. The Conservative Party have now announced the second of their Oxford candidates, as Oxford East will be contested by former Amersham councillor Louise Staite. In a statement posted on Facebook, Ms Sourbut Said, “I’m really excited to announce that I’m standing to be your Labour MP for Oxford West and Abingdon. I can’t wait to fight for a Labourgovernmentandthechange we need in the wonderful area I’m proud to call home. In a statement announcing his candidacy on the Green Party, Oxford’s website, Mr. Williams said, “Having first been elected as a councillor in 2006, I’m known in East Oxford for my tireless campaigning on the NHS, the environment, and against austerity. Oxford East is held by Anneliese Dodds MP, Labour, by 23,284 votes, compared to this relatively comfortable majority, Layla Moran in Oxford West will have to defend a majority of only 816, just 1.4% of the electorate. Things are more complicated in Oxford West and Abingdon, which has traditionally been much less predictable. “It means a Green New Deal, a referendum with the option to Remain, and equal pay for women by 2030. It means halving foodbank use in a year, ending the need for foodbanks in three, and stopping the Tories from pursuing their damaging Brexit and eroding workers’ rights.” “As my track record shows – in 2016 I opposed the massive cuts that Tory, Labour and Lib Dems voted through the County Council and I have also opposed the disastrous Oxford to Cambridge Expressway from the start. Ms Staite released a statement on Facebook announcing her candidacy, saying, “I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to represent the people of Oxford. I love this city, having studied here at Oxford Brookes, and am thrilled to be here campaigning to be your next MP. Throughout the 2000s, the Liberal Democrats largely retained the seat. In general, if the Conservatives win a majority in the Commons, they win Oxford West. The one exception to this rule came in 2010, when Conservative Nicola Blackwood won the seat by a mere 176 votes, representing a majority of 0.3%. He also ran for the Green Party leadership in 2016. Cherwell hosts hustings  Meanwhile, the Green Party have also announced their candidate in Oxford East this week, as councilor and UCU delegate David Williams gets the nod. Cherwell are hosting election hustings with many of the candidates, including the Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, Layla Moran, the Labour MP for Ox- ford East and Shadow Minister for the Treasury, Anneliese Dodds, the Conservative candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon, James Fredrickson and the Green candidate for Oxford East, David Williams. More candidates announced Williams’ announcement comes a week after the Green Party announced they would not be running in Oxford West and Abingdon as part of the ‘Unite to Remain’ agreement between various pro-Remain parties across the country. It has generally bounced between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. Moran’s win in 2017 ended 7 years of Conservative control of the seat. “I know that residents want good schools, investment in the NHS, more police on the streets and a strong economy and only Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party can deliver that.” For further context, Oxford East is a historically Labour seat, last held by another party in 1983 when it was narrowly won by the Conservative Party. Given that, see above for a list of the colleges in Oxford East, and Oxford West and Abingdon predictable. It has generally bounced between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. Moran’s win in 2017 ended 7 years of Conservative control. Williams has been a councilor for over 30 years, and has led the Green Party in the Oxford City Council and the Oxfordshire County Council.last_img

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