Looking Back At The Best Musical Guests To Appear On “Space Ghost Coast To Coast”

first_imgWith the unfortunate passing this weekend of C. Martin Croker – better known as the animator and voice of legendary Adult Swim characters such as Zorak and Moltar from Space Ghost Coast to Coast and animator for Aqua Teen Hunger Force – the programming block, which was seen on Cartoon Network, announced they will be streaming “every episode that we could get our hands on” of Space Ghost on the Adult Swim website.The show was known for its animated late-night talk show style format of interviewing guests, with host Tad Ghostal aka Space Ghost being constantly interrupted by his enemies, band leader, and producer/director of the show Zorak and Moltar (who Space Ghost has also imprisoned to help him put on the program). Over the course of the shows ten seasons, an impressive list of interviews with famous musicians was accrued.In memory of C. Martin Croker, we decided to put together a list of some of the more memorable musical appearances.Beck declines Space Ghost’s offer to be the house band: “We don’t have two turntables right now.”Björk and Thom Yorke – “Sulfur’s my favorite food, honey. You know that.”The Bee Gees – “Hey fellas, I know a great Polynesian restaurant right up the street.”The Ramones – “I’m Zorak Ramone”Dave Grohl – I’m a little bit frightened of you….and I like the feeling. It’s allll tingly.”Willie Nelson – “Well, fuck him!”Schoolly D & Weird Al Yankovic – “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”Space Ghost to Timothy Leary (author of The Psychedelic Experience), “What sort of superpowers do you possess?”Timothy Leary: “….overload your earballs, give you patterns and swirls of colors, and making you feel better and better…”Col. Bruce Hampton as “Willis” the House Plant.David Byrne “I find myself….(living in a shotgun shack).”RIP C. Martin Croker – thanks for all the late night laughs.last_img

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