Panama at Risk for Large Earthquake

first_imgBy Dialogo November 24, 2010 I THINK THIS TYPE OF INFORMATION SHOULD HAVE MAJOR COVERAGE AND REACH ALL SORT OF MASS MEDIA, MAINLY SO THAT THE POPULATION CAN ANALYZE AND BE CAUTIOUS BEFORE AN EMERGENCY AND SHOULD NOT BE USED WITH THE INTENTION OF ALARMING PEOPLE, BUT AS PREVENTION. plis read An imminent earthquake within the next few years. Thank God for people like you dedicated to investigating and releasing the results, we will prepare ourselves spiritually. We must believe and trust the Creator as there is no other way against nature and its occurances. May GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS. I BELIEVE IT WOULD BE INTERESTING IF THE TEAMS OF SCIENTISTS THAT THE US HAS IN THE NORTH WOULD PUT INTO USE ALL OF THE KNOWLEDGE ACQUIRED DURING THE LAST 35 YEARS WITH THE HAARP PROJECT, TO EVALUATE THE RESULTS OF A BIG EARTHQUAKE IN PANAMA. THEY CAN DO THIS AND EVERYONE KNOWS THIS. PROVOKE A BIG EARTHQUAKE IN PANAMA AND WHEN THE DAY IS SET, HAVE THE IV FLEET AND IMMEDIATELY SEND ABOUT 10,000 MARINES AND HELP CO-NATIONALS. IT WOULD BE INTERESTING TO BE ABLE TO EXPERIMENT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO THE CANAL!!! GREETINGS. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!! If the unfolding success in an undefined timeframe is so important it is also true that those responsible for the investigation make the warnings more firmly and the standard emergency arrangements with sufficient time and not wait for the disaster to occur before acting. If the investigation of the past was made for that purpose then investment of the same should have an immediate solution. In the new regulatory plans for new population settlements, new cities, the natural faults in the areas should be taken into consideration where new settlements, villas, condominiums, and residential zones are to be constructed. Areas prone to movement of the earth, eroded by wind, rock decomposition, swampy or very uneven land, rugged, wet and soft lands. Bad forecasts and where innocent families live, Do not permit the habitation in the large known faults that could signal the complete disappearance of complete towns in case of natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods. Also, building a some meters from and above the ocean. A lot above the ocean level. Far away from rivers that overflow in certain situations. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You have to help lady luck. Nature always claims and re-claims what is hers. Including its faults. You cannot fight against nature. Respect and detour away from “non grata” places where we have not been invited. Even through the use of the best applied technology. The violence of the wild, primitive nature wins the fight. The contest is uneven. It’s worse if it takes us by surprise. Better to prevent and always be on guard. WITH HOW LONG IN ADVANCE IS IT POSSIBLE TO WARN THAT THERE IS GOING TO BE AN EARTHQUAKE SO THAT PEOPLE CAN GO TO A SAFE PLACE THANKS LURDINHA BRAZIL VERY GOOD INFORMATION ABOUT THE EARTHQUAKES THAT PANAMA HAS HAD, NOW THAT THEY THINK A GREAT EARTHQUAKE WILL HIT IN THAT AREA, I BELIEVE THAT THEY NEED TO WARN AND RAISE AWARENESS ON HOW TO ACT WHEN THE TIME COMES. GOD PROTECT THEM, VALUE THE NATURE AS IT IS, WITH IT NOBODY KNOWS, EVERYTHING IS SUGGESTED. MEASURES SHOULD BE TAKEN; ONE IS NOT TAKING CARE OF ONESELF, GOOD LUCK Anything can happen on our planet, what we have to do is be prepared for the unexpected, always have what is indispensable: water, canned food, batteries, flashlights, first-aid kits, a battery-operated radio and above all at a difficult time always keep calm and be level-headed, this kind of information must be covered more the population should be directed as to what may happen, it’s not about alarming people just warning and informing. I am studying this further since in the last few days there have been several seismic movements in the ocean off of our coasts in Colón and that is a bit worrying since I have family on the coast and I work in a building on the coast there is a bit of heightened expectation now with the most recent events. It’s good, but it’s lacking more information on the earthquake in Panama. Well, I’ve read on this subject, and Panama is not immune to a strong earthquake. I don’t know if you’ve heard that the Panama isthmus originated from the bottom of the ocean, meaning that just as it once rose it can sink again, although this doesn’t happen in a day. However, nobody knows when this will happen. We simply have to put everything in God’s hands. It is very interesting to learn more about the behavior of the faults which could be a great risk to us in the future. Thank you WERE THESE FAULTS TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION IN BUILDING THE METRO. I HOPE SO. Why isn’t the population taught about this? This is irresponsible of the authorities. The population needs to be instructed so they can know what to do in the case of disasters like those. I believe and trust in the benevolence of our Heavenly Father, and in the fact that he will always protect us. It’s true, I agree with you WHY DON’T THEY TALK ABOUT THAT WITH THE PANAMANIANS. THE GOVERNMENT HAS TO TALK ABOUT THAT. THOSE ARE BIG, DISASTROUS MISTAKES. Guys, they say there that both faults are pressed one against the other so that if it gets too hot both faults will stop being pressured and will cause a 7 or 8 magnitude earthquake is the government keeping this from us?? So they already know about it… I don’t think so but we have to be read and listen after 5 seismic events the big one will come but there have not been any seismic events in this area there are more tremors than usual in Chitiqui…ther could be an earthquake at any time we don’t know even what day, month or year but it could happen…older people who have children have to practice drills. In other words what do you have to do when there’s an earthquake I am 15 years old and I have felt 3 seismic events. I felt the last one last year in Playa Blanca…so let’s be prepared Yes you’re right… you have to stay calm no matter what I know a lot about earthquakes and I’m only 15 years old. Look if there’s an earthquake don’t stay in the house because the roof could fall in or the walls what you have to do is go outside and stay somewhere open. It will be difficult to walk during an earthquake if you can’t stand up lean against the wall and take what you can. In other words clothes food flashlights batteries and a radio… I don’t think so very much. I recommend you download and app which could let you know before the earthquake starts… good luck Given Dr. Irani’s statement, and other comments, a formal statement on security in the case of such an event would be good. At least to be aware of the seriousness of the issue; in addition, as general knowledge for the Panamanian community.I found out on YouTube. We should be better informed, for whatever reason. There can be no doubt that man himself is ruining the earth and his surroundings, taking land away from the ocean, for et buildings, they do not think of the future consequences, they’re killing the fauna and everything has a price, too bad we’re the innocent ones, this happens all over the world, so what’s coming is to be expected; research these events that mark the end on JW.ORG The Panamá Canal system and Panamá City are at significant risk from a large earthquake, according to a new geologic study. Commissioned as part of the ongoing canal expansion project, the study was published in the December 2010 edition of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. In it, geologists studied the Limon and Pedro Miguel faults and found that both are active and have relatively short recurrence rates for large earthquakes. But keep in mind that in geologic terms, relatively short means hundreds of years. The Pedro Miguel fault runs between two of the locks on the Panama Canal. It last ruptured in 1621, resulting in a devastating earthquake that partially destroyed Panamá Viejo. “That earthquake resulted in nearly [three metres] of displacement where the fault crosses the canal,” lead author Thomas Rockwell, a geologist at San Diego State University, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “Another such earthquake today could have dramatic effects.” The geologists also found evidence that both the Pedro Miguel and Limon faults may have failed at the same time around 700 AD, triggering a massive earthquake. While the study was intended to gauge the risk to the canal, researchers are more concerned about the threat posed to Panama City. “The hazard from the Pedro Miguel fault is largely one of shaking and its consequent effects. As Panamá City lies only a few kilometers from the Pedro Miguel fault, renewed activity on this fault could cause substantial damage to structures that were not designed for strong shaking,” the researchers wrote. They said the place where the fault crosses under the canal is between the Pedro Miguel and Miraflores locks and that “no existing canal structures appear to directly overlie the fault.” That could prevent major damage to the canal. Panama is at the epicenter of the millennia-long geologic collision between Central and South America. Once separated by a sea, the land masses are now being slowly shoved together, resulting in folding and faulting of the isthmus. The study estimates that western Panamá is converging with Panamá City at the rate of about 8 millimeters per year, According to the website OurAmazingPlanet, Rockwell and his team traveled deep into Panama’s rainforests in search of more data on the 1621 quake, and discovered that it displaced the Camino de Cruces, an old Spanish road once choked with prospectors and donkeys hauling loads of South American gold. The earthquake shoved the well-trod cobblestone highway more than 9 feet (3 meters) off its original mark. That proved that the Pedro Miguel fault has been responsible for major earthquakes in the past. The engineers and contractors expanding the canal will have to take into account that potential for displacement when designing the new locks. The expansion is scheduled for completion in 2014. As to whether the earthquake danger is imminent, Rockwell remained circumspect. “On the Pedro Miguel fault, we’ve had three large earthquakes in the last 1,600 years. The last earthquake was in 1621, so it’s been almost 400 years,” Rockwell told OurAmazingPlanet. “I’m not going to make any predictions.”last_img

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