TZO Žminj winner of the award “Simply the Best” for a series of events inspired by local tradition

first_imgIn the category Innovative and creative project in tourism for a series of events inspired by local tradition, the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Žminj won the national annual award Simply the Best.The Tourist Board of the Municipality of Žminj has nominated three events: Istrian pinci pod čerepnjon on the hearth, the Istrian Pasta Festival and Bartulja. These are events that are not organized only in the peak season, but start before Easter and end at the end of August, so the importance of these events is extremely important and special.”This award is a great recognition for the whole of Žminj and a confirmation that our events are recognized for their quality content. The goal of such events is to nurture the traditional heritage, contribute and enrich the tourist offer, extend the tourist season, then encourage the use of indigenous local ingredients, valorization of traditional gastronomy and the promotion of Zminj as a gastronomic destination. We try to include local resources in all events as much as possible, such as cultural and artistic programs, kindergarten and school, folklore society, local caterers, producers of autochthonous products of the Žminj region, and sports associations and clubs. ” points out Lenka Šajina from the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Žminj.This traditional annual award for quality, inventiveness and creativity in tourism was established in 2009, and travel agencies, tourist boards, journalists, tourist media, companies, associations and individuals from the tourism and hospitality sector participate in the nomination process. Traditional Croatian award Simply the best  which for creativity, inventiveness and development of the tourist offer for nine years in a row awarded the specialized tourist magazine Way to Croatia and UHPA – Association of Croatian Travel Agencies. “The award is also the result of all individuals who get involved and participate in the organization of events or manifestations, as well as those who give their support in any other way. Maximum support from the local community greatly affects the success of events. The annual national award Simply the Best is an additional incentive to continue to create Žminj experiences that will attract visitors to the Žminj area, and return to the local community many times over.”Concludes Šijan.From the beginning of this year to the middle of October, 71.138 overnight stays were recorded in the Žminj region, which is 16,0% more than in the same period last year. The number of tourist arrivals, of which there were 7.871 this year, increased by as much as 19,50% compared to the same period last year. The structure of guests visiting Žminj is 58,24% from Germany, 7,36% from Austria, 5,31% from the Netherlands, 4,00% from Belgium, and from England, Italy, Poland, France and other countries.last_img

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