The first Croatian paleontological water park will soon open its doors in Bale

first_imgCamp Mon Perin from Bale grows from year to year and has successfully established itself as one of the most modern car camps in Istria. It was thoroughly renovated two years ago, and this year the camp will reveal another, somewhat atypical content. Mon Perin stated that the opening of the park is planned for the beginning of June and point out that the camp will justify four stars with this content and offer visitors an extraordinary experience. They also emphasize that, when arranging the park, the emphasis was placed on preserving the landscape and horticulture to make the experience as authentic as possible. The management of Mon Perina recognized the potential of the content and decided to offer their visitors a unique experience in the form of Paleo Park. Educational promenade / Paleo Park will cover over 16 square meters and include facilities such as three swimming pools and a hot tub, a restaurant, a souvenir shop, a sun deck, a children’s playground and children’s sandboxes with exposed dinosaur bones. The pool will be in the shape of a dinosaur of 1100 square meters, with a smaller pool that will be intended for children and one that will contain sitting massages. The environment of the pool will be complemented by dinosaur specimens in various dimensions and an educational promenade that will follow the history of dinosaurs. Water park / center_img Namely, it is a paleontological park that will consist of a water park and an educational-research polygon. You may be wondering why a paleontological theme park? But the answer is simple. In the immediate vicinity of the auto-camp, more precisely in the middle of the main beach, is the archeological site of petrified dinosaur bones about 130 million years old. The bones were found or emerged from the seabed in 1992 and are the only site in the world that is on the seabed. In Beijing in 1995, the Bale site was included in the World List of Paleontological Sites. It is an interesting assumption that Istria was home to a dozen different species of dinosaurs. Paleo Park’s investment is worth around HRK 22.5 million, and the park will employ about 20 workers. With this move, Mon Perin confirmed his reputation and once again showed in what unique ways camps could invest in their facilities and services and thus become competent in the Croatian “camping scene”. Because the fact is that as much as 25 percent of all tourist nights in Croatia are realized in camps. RELATED NEWS: CAMP “MON PERIN” AS AN EXCELLENT EXAMPLE OF A SUCCESS CAMP STORY Photo: Paleo Park / camping-monperin.hrlast_img

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