South Tangerang to dump trash in Tangerang regency after landfill wall collapses

first_imgSeveral days of heavy rainfall had caused the waste to absorb water and expand, adding pressure and weight to the support walls that resulted in their collapse, said Yepi.As of Monday, about 60 percent of the trash spilled into the Cisadane river had been removed. The clean-up is expected to finish next week.Yepi said that, besides reinforcing the support walls, the South Tangerang administration also planned to build another landfill section near the Cipeucang landfill.”We’ll build a new landfill [section], the third one, to accommodate more waste,” he said, adding that the new section would be able to accommodate around 350 tons of waste per day. (nal)Topics : The administration of South Tangerang has decided to dump the city’s waste in Tangerang regency’s landfill to prevent further damage to the wall of its own landfill in Cipeucang, Serpong.South Tangerang Environment Agency secretary Yepi Suherman said he had coordinated with the central government and the Tangerang administration to execute the plan.”The South Tangerang administration has sent letters to the Tangerang regency, asking for permission to temporarily dispose of our waste in [the Tangerang regency] landfills,” Yepi told on Sunday. Read also: Skyscraper of waste: Greater Jakarta drowning in mountains of trashYepi explained that the decision was made after evaluating the capacity of the Cipeucang landfill.”The advice was that the Cipeucang landfill should not receive any more waste until the reconstruction and rearrangement projects are completed,” he added.A support wall of the Cipeucang landfill collapsed on May 22, spilling around 100 tons of waste into the Cisadane River. The landfill receives approximately 300 tons of waste on a daily basis and is on the brink of being overloaded with mounds of trash as high as 16 meters.last_img

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