Labour leaders on Euthanasia

first_imgHat tip: Brendan Malone – Leading Edge BlogThe three candidates were asked “would you vote for the End of Life Choice bill” (Labour MP Maryan Street’s physician-assisted suicide bill which would give doctors the legal power to administer lethal injections to their patients).Grant Robertson:“Yes”David Cunliffe:“Yes it is my intention to do so, but I want to check that sufficient safeguards are in place”Shane Jones:“Highly unlikely”Brendan Malone goes on to say“Shane Jones is actually the only moderate candidate standing for Labour leadership, and sadly, it’s unlikely he will get the necessary party support to win the job. Which leaves NZ in a very worrying situation. You see, no matter which of the other two candidates wins the Labour Party leadership race, they are almost certainly going to repay MP Maryan Street for her leadership in the coup which ousted David Shearer, and put them into the leadership role, by supporting her physician-assisted suicide bill. And remember, the Labour Party will not even need to be in power to advance this dangerous legislation.”

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