Lime National Basketball League Playoff Results

first_img 30 Views   no discussions The 2 semifinal match-ups have now been set in the 1st Division and are as follows:Goodwill Starz vs Pichelin Pistons and Wesley Raptors vs. Element Agencies Ole Skool Share Share Game 2: Featured the young and athletic Snipers out of Paix Bouche  and the veteran Element Agencies Ole Skool team which featured former national player, Irvin Magloire. The Snipers team came into this game booming with confidence having won Zone B and along the way defeating the defending champions. After a slow first quarter for both teams, the Ole Skool team took control of the game, never reliquishing their lead. Their display of dominance and control left the huge crowd in shock and disbelief. This proved to be the first upset of the playoffs with the Ole Skool team which was ranked fourth in Zone A and Snipers being the the number one seed in Zone B. The Ole Skool team has now qualified for the semifinals. Element Agencies Ole Skool: 59   Julien Jno Baptiste 14, Cedric Hypolite 12, Bert Benjamin 11, Layne Royer 10Paix Bouche: 53  Lenin Paul 21, Hendricks Holsborough 19 Share Results of Kubuli/Vita Malt 1st Division Quarter Finals matches played on Saturday 13th August, 2011 at the Lindo Park in Goodwill. Game 1:The Pistons team out of Pichelin  continued their great run of success in the 2011 LIME National Basketball League by completing a remarkable victory over the much fancied Juggernauts out of Salisbury. The Pistons team dominated the Juggernauts leading at the end of every quarter. PISTONS has now qualified for the semifinals. Pichelin Pistons : 74  Yannick Regis scored 28, Kijuan Thomas 14, Khalim Thomas 10Juggernauts         :  63   Dean Vidal scored 30, Esmond Andrew 13, Benton Vidal 10Game 2: The second game of the evening featured the undefeated Starz out of Goodwill and Ian Douglas Patriots out of Portsmouth. the Starz team showed why they were undefeated during the regular season by blowing out their opponents by 35 points. Starz has now qualified for the semifinals.center_img Gary BenjaminSecretary DABA Sharing is caring! Game 1: The match proved to live up to its hype as it featured the 2009 champions Maximum Building Supplies Tigers of Canefield and the defending champions Wesley Raptors. With both  teams battling for dominance throughout the game, with the game tied at 56 and under a minute  to go in the forth quarter Ian Brumant of Tigers hit a jumper giving his team a two point lead leaving less than 30 seconds left on the game clock. National point guard Steve Oliver Hypolite then took a running jump shot forcing the game to the first overtime of the playoffs. The overtime period was also a battle with each team taking the lead. With 6 seconds left and the game tied at 61, Steve Oliver Hypolite dribbled the ball from the half court and made a fade-away 3 pointer with two defenders in his face giving his team a 3 point lead and leaving only 0.1 seconds on the clock, which was not enouth time for the tigers to get off a shot. GS Wesley Raptors: 64  Steve Oliver Hypolite scored 27, Tim Telemacque 25Maximum Building Supplies Tigers: 61  Ian Brumant 14, Heywood Powell 14, Curtis John 10 Results of Kubuli/Vita Malt 1st Division Quarter Finals matches played at Lindo Park on Sunday 14th August, 2011. Tweet NewsSports Lime National Basketball League Playoff Results by: – August 15, 2011 Starz: 99  Kelsey Guy scored 25, Jason Samuel 17, Straun Gregoire 15, Daynes Peter 13Patriots: 64  Marlon Hilaire scored 22, Kimani Thomas 20, Regilio Cisse 11last_img

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