Visual breakdown: 3 key plays from Syracuse-Central Michigan

first_imgSyracuse (3-0, 1-0 Atlantic Coast) scratched out an overtime win against Central Michigan (1-2) on Saturday. Here’s a breakdown of three decisive plays late in the game.Ben McCord 27-yard game-tying touchdown receptionTime and score: 15 seconds left in fourth quarter, Syracuse leading 24-17Down and distance: Third-and-17 from SU’s 27-yard lineScenario: Central Michigan must score a touchdown in the game’s final 15 seconds to send it to overtimeResult: CMU quarterback Cooper Rush rolls to his right and unloads a strike to tight end McCord to keep the Chippewas aliveAdvertisementThis is placeholder textESPN3McCord, who runs the post route (red arrow), lines up in the slot to the left of Rush. The four-receiver set that CMU presents will force SU’s linebackers and safeties to help in coverage.Syracuse drops into a zone coverage and McCord splits three defenders (yellow circles). When he cuts toward the far corner, space opens up for him.ESPN3Syracuse defensive tackle John Raymon (light blue circle) pressures Rush (dark blue circle) up the middle, flushing him to roll out to the right. Simultaneously, the three defenders (yellow circles) designated to cover the middle of the field let McCord (red circle) run right by them.Rush successfully avoids Raymon and since Syracuse’s defenders are facing forward, McCord gets a head start and beats them to the end zone.ESPN3McCord (red circle) beats every SU player to the correct spot and has time to set up his catch attempt. He sees the ball (white circle) and reaches for it over the defenders flanking him (yellow circles).Three of the four SU defenders are still facing away from the ball when McCord goes up for the catch. The fourth is shielded behind McCord’s body.ESPN3Kendall Moore 13-yard reception in overtimeTime and score: CMU leading 27-24 in first overtimeDown and distance: Third-and-five from CMU’s 20-yard lineScenario: After allowing a field goal to the Chippewas, Syracuse had to either execute a field goal to extend the game or a touchdown to win it. If SU doesn’t convert on this play, a second overtime is likely with an ensuing field goalResult: Sophomore walk-on quarterback Zack Mahoney finds tight end Kendall Moore for 13 yards to keep SU’s drive aliveESPN3Moore (yellow circle) and hybrid Ben Lewis (blue circle) line up in the “wing” position. Just before the snap, CMU defensive back Amari Coleman (blue rectangle) moves toward the line of scrimmage. Moore runs an out route about 5 yards down the field while Lewis also runs an out route 2 yards downfield.Coleman follows Lewis while the Chippewas’ Tim Hamilton (red rectangle) picks up Moore. But when Moore cuts to the sideline, Hamilton breaks the wrong way toward the middle of the field.ESPN3With Moore moving away from Hamilton, Mahoney (purple circle) has space to set him up for yards after the catch.As Moore catches the ball, Coleman (dark blue rectangle) slips to the turf and Hamilton (red rectangle) is several steps behind him. This allows Moore to run for another eight yards after the catch.ESPN3Jordan Fredericks 4-yard game-winning touchdownTime and score: CMU leading 27-24 in overtimeDown and distance: Second-and-goal from CMU’s 4-yard lineScenario: A touchdown would win the game for the Orange.Result: Mahoney runs the triple-option and pitches to freshman running back Jordan Fredericks for the game-winner.ESPN3Mahoney (purple circle) fakes to Lewis (dark blue circle), who was in motion before the snap. Fredericks (light blue circle) follows Mahoney to the right, preparing to take the option pitch. Offensive tackle Omari Palmer (yellow rectangle) and wide receiver Sean Avant (red rectangle) will play key roles later in the play.With a Central Michigan defender already in the backfield, Mahoney pitches to Fredericks. He runs toward the open space as Palmer seals off the defender in front of him.ESPN3With Palmer cutting off the linebacker coming from the middle of the field and Avant successfully blocking the cornerback, Fredericks uses his speed to hit the hole.The defender Avant is blocking moves away from the sideline, allowing Fredericks space to successfully approach the end zone and win the game for SU.ESPN3 Comments Published on September 22, 2015 at 5:23 pm Contact Paul: [email protected] | @pschweds Facebook Twitter Google+last_img

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