How to optimize your website from peer website method

?The basic data

A their level page directory in the root directory, or directory two.

C. of the associated page they are making recommendation etc.. You have a very good purchase experience.

B. their page quality content is rich, such as their page whether drying single user, user evaluation etc..

we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization very easy thinking, is by virtue of experience to do. Because the search engine algorithm update, many outdated, so reasonable with good reference for improving the website optimization efficiency and pertinence is very useful. With the development of the company, the revision on the work schedule. The following letter and will share how to optimize your website from peer website method.

how to determine our reference site? The target site is not necessarily the same industry top. But according to the positioning of your site to choose. For example, search engine optimization optimization, it should focus on the search on the high weight website. The method is very simple, we can through the target keyword search to the major search engines, find the top-ranking website. These are our target site. We should go to analyze them from what the next

the first step before finishing the website. This part involves the domain age, snapshot, chain, Pr/Br, ALEXA included, etc., through these basic data to understand the general situation of the website. Remove some unnecessary interference factors for the following analysis.

the fourth step is to think about your website for the status quo, we need to learn from their strengths, improve their website. This step seems to come to a successful issue, but that is not the case. Because the page revision design still need to complete the technical department and technical department, because of the busy most of the time, and not one for our proposal to the well, this time we need to track the implementation of it, make analysis into the final results.

the third step is to analyze the structure of web pages of the website from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the page quality etc.. For the brand cosmetics, because there is no way to take the difference of the same page, will be relatively high, but why the same page PR/BR, the same title peer search ranked on the front? It requires an analysis of the difference. I then from the following aspects to think about

second, due to the company’s website Jingxi Rouge shop is to do e-commerce platform of cosmetics, so from an ordinary buyers perspective to experience a complete competition website, from registration to the purchase process is very important. The user needs to consider a few steps to complete the registration, from purchase to payment and points a few mouse and other details.

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D. their page is static, page is whether TKD is unique, in the chain are etc..

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