How to spread the brand website

how to solve this problem? The general site title keywords + brand words, special words car brands are doing now, almost become a commercial word. How to solve this problem, the creation of an independent brand, by the Shanghai dragon Er think about how to create independent brand word


first, with no predecessors, no

1). The existing brand +

in special vehicle industry, how to create

) ? ?

when the choice of good brand, how to layout the whole network? B2B, blog, send information platform, the text, with the creation of the brand, whether in the search engine, user search to the first page, is already all had good layout, let the other Shanghai dragon Er cannot enter the competition. Because of this self created brand, competitors can do to promote competition, and is not afraid of competitors do promotion, the first page is self brand word, stressed that the official in the layout, allowing users to understand, and the user can.

network era, spread to life, e-commerce has been popular, in special vehicle industry, with the brand, the brand has no words to say this, you know? The word [Hubei Chengli], is not the brand word, but commercial words, a promotion, and click a fee of not less than 10 points, you know this! It is not the brand manufacturers, brand owners website. What should be done, in special vehicle industry, how to produce the independent brand

case: – force tanker factory: Cheng Li + car brand word, independent brand, the brand word already exists, Chengli brand word must take, because the user know you sell force tanker. (Xiagong Chusheng, vigorously and so can

now take Hubei Cheng Li, this keyword, for users, this is the brand, and for the webmaster, it is a commercial word, because the brand spread to the country, users buy special car, think of Hubei Cheng li. Indirect point Hubei chengli special automobile =. Optimization of many now, every day in the optimization of the word, but can not. Not only is the force, and other special Xiagong Chusheng car brand has been unable to do so only, can not be copied, ranking stable, others can not the point of competition.

3) when the creation of the brand, how to let it become no later? Please look at the following

2) when to brand word, please use the search engine to analyze, whether there is, as it exists, whether there is competition, such as competition is too large, in thinking about new words. (you can see, if written before the keyword competition of the article)


: personal understanding of network brand uniqueness, can not be copied, ranking stable, others can not compete.

second, the layout of the whole network



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