Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform DNS server instability can also lead to site is screen

was traced to these sites are using Godaddy DNS *.DOMAINCONTROL贵族宝贝 server DNS server, this series of stability problems, Baiduspider often not analytic to IP, according to Baiduspider, web site

is deadWe also found that

A5 station network May 20th news recently, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform announcement on the unstable DNS server would be the website effect made orders. Notice that if you find the site from Shanghai love web search disappear, do not be too nervous, perhaps not because of right down, is likely to provoke a DNS server.

Glossary: DNS server is a computer domain name system (Domain Name System or Domain Name Service) abbreviation, it is composed of DNS and domain name server. Domain name server refers to the preservation of all hosts in the network domain and the corresponding IP address, and has to be converted to IP server domain name address function. The domain name must correspond to an IP address and IP address does not necessarily have a domain name. The domain name system uses tree like hierarchical structure. The domain name server to server the client / server model, it mainly has two forms: the main server and server. The domain name for IP address mapping process is called "dns".

"The recent

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform received multiple feedback, said the website from Shanghai love web search query site disappeared, found connectivity rate is 0.

      with the announcement is as follows:

had too many small DNS service providers shielded Baiduspider resolution request or foreign DNS server instability cases suggest stationmaster as far as possible the use of large domestic service providers offer DNS services, such as DNSPod, to ensure the stability of the site analysis."

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