How to promote the small and medium sized business website search engine marketing

is currently the most common way of network marketing is to pay for the promotion, pay a fee to the service providers, simply buy advertising. Such as the love of Shanghai, through the bidding way in front of the website in search engine ranking ranking, calculating fees in accordance with the number of clicks.

search engine marketing what is


search engine marketing, is Search Engine Marketing English Chinese translation, referred to as SEM, the fundamental is to master the use of search engine users habits, based on information retrieved the opportunity of product or service delivery to the target user, say simply, is to use the search engine of the platform to promote the target user from search engine the types can be divided into two categories:

to search engine marketing experience and the exchange of small websites, the author in the knowledge according to some experience in apparel wholesale website promotion, finishing some simple theory and practice method, I hope a little help to everyone:

1, a pay per click way (love Shanghai promotion)

more than two ways in common is a good ranking, the marketing effect is fast, which needs long cycle, but the former than the latter to the cost of capital is much larger, so the electronic commerce website more and more willing to get ranked by optimizing the way. Whether it is paid promotion or keyword optimization. Whether it is paid promotion or do keyword optimization, all cannot do without the choice of keywords, this paper is directly related to the site conversion rate, keywords, author >

before the date of the state Internet information office data show that 2012 of the Chinese number of users has exceeded 500 million mark, at the end of the year will break through 600 million, 500 million Internet users, three means each one out and the Internet in close contact. Our old man more than 50 year old community is now using the love Shanghai search for information, start to listen to MP3 on the Internet, watching the news, as the author know in a friend’s 64 year old mother, every day at home watching the news, entertainment, and his child was 3 years old, even the mouse are holding know the Internet to see Beaming with Joy Internet now, therefore, whether the elderly or children, are beginning to hit the net, in the face of this huge market, in that dress, whether it is a piece of the red sea or ocean, there will be a lot of marketing opportunities for small and medium-sized business website, see you can seize the opportunity.

this way has made more and more enterprises to get attention, because it is better than jjpm cost is lower, the effect, valid for longer. This method is more and more people engaged in the Shanghai dragon, through this technology to enhance the site’s quality and weight, make the site faster and better search engine ranking algorithm to calculate the standard, get good rankings in the natural search results and to obtain the free flow.

2, optimization (Shanghai dragon)

According to the

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