The new station to quickly search engines

three, moderate external links

as a web site optimization personnel to the site optimization, first let the search engine information included in the website, and then talking about the website snapshot, reverse link, right down the website, how to make their new sites quickly indexed by search engines for grass roots webmaster is a very troublesome problem today, I will tell you some tips to quickly let the love of Shanghai included in the new.

new sites in after, according to the two major search engines love Shanghai and Google made the corresponding site map (robots.txt, sitemap.xml), robots and sitemap must be strictly in accordance with the standard to write some characters in the middle can not have spaces, for example (Disallow: /), this command will counter on the website included play. In addition, the map must take the website article list page added, so that the search engine spiders to crawl other pages.

two, submitted to the search engine website root directory

website to do propaganda, do not make your site become a network of Sea Island, so it is very important to external links. And when choose the weight of high, included fast, high traffic sites must, such as the A5 forum, Chinaz forum, forum and other outdated weights are good. In addition, no new weight, the chain number must have restricted the number, if too much may be the search engine into the sandbox, so trouble.

is now the website optimization is on resources and relationships, if you have a weight good site, or know some high weight website owners, so that they can help to do a one-way links to your website, it can accelerate the speed of the site included. Strength good webmaster can also contribute to the A5, leave your site.

four, using their own resources at hand

website submitted to the search engine when the root directory of the web site, not just submitted, in addition to the site map should be submitted, remember different map submitted to different search engines: robots.txt (love Shanghai map), sitemap.xml (Google map).

The After the

, a site map

to new sites quickly by search engines, blogs, bookmarks, Post Bar are good publicity, as long as you are willing to work hard to do, so that the site can be included in search engines in a day. Thanks to A5 to improve the platform support, please indicate: 贵族宝贝grilrt贵族宝贝.

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