Wide point optimization techniques note

directional accuracy is important, the second is to attract click drainage to the platform, the accurate direction key direction is exposed, and the creative material’s focus is to attract click. This requires higher specifications of material creativity, it is important to note: image creative highlights, especially to ensure the correlation. Some creative "high standard", but the user simply can not clear, not practical. In addition the advertising material is not to win, the more the better. Especially need to avoid problems: use the same material do not repeat.

creative material

wide point effect is accurate or not, the key lies in the targeted. Wide point targeted: launch date, delivery time, the promotion of goods (website link does not bind the domain name, QQ business, authentication space, QQ group, Tencent class, Addroid application, IOS application, marketing, delivery platform (QQ) QQ space, friends, community, QQ/Q+ client, QQ music client, mobile platform, Tencent贵族宝贝 PC, advertising alliance), specifications (text chain, pictures, text description). The most important aspect is: directional setting, directional setting includes: delivery area, the user’s age, gender, Internet users, user behavior scene, etc.. These are very important, must make judgments and continue testing and Optimization Based on the first part of the audience, adjust the optimal solution.

wide point optimization direction focuses on accurate positioning, to do a good job location, you must first of its products are analyzed, at the same time to collect user location and direction. Understand the business target audience area, age, online time, gender. Of course, the audience can refer to a lot of data analysis, such as through the usual, before access to the promotion of Shanghai love collecting data, analysis of the data obtained by WeChat micro-blog questionnaire. The user location is very important, is directly related to the subsequent direction is accurate, this is an important step to reduce the cost, can not be ignored and must attach great importance to.

is a Tencent wide point of product based DSP advertising, is still used in CPC and CPM charging mode, it has the advantage of no doubt is: with the help of the Tencent’s own products (QQ, QQ, QQ, mobile phone, mobile phone QQ space, Tencent贵族宝贝 etc.) with the flow of resources over ten billion. It has rich resources and abundant advertising form. And the orientation is to rely on the Tencent huge database and user behavior data from multi dimension, orientation is more accurate, but rarely rely on affiliate sites, malicious click less accurate user audience accurate orientation. At present, the major Internet companies for this fat, well-matched in strength, especially in the electricity supplier industry. Of course, not every enterprise wide point and are able to do operation, it also has many skills at all, then, how to optimize the wide point? What is the optimal direction of its

1, audience analysis



2, targeted


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