On the link to buy three points should be paid attention to in the process

here aside, the quality of this link, put a little, if a website chain too much, it is easy to be se, will be considered spam links, therefore, cannot choose a chain.

today, in the office, heard a foreign senior said, we do Shanghai dragon must remain stable, steady growth, can not be done today to link out tomorrow, today will not have the content, gone tomorrow, these are taboo, and will be here mention, that is black chain, as we all know, black chain is not stable in nature, so, if you want a website development, so we can not get a certain period of the black chain, each website has a copy of his growth, and not just stable black chain is easy to site Shanghai scored love nest, to the black chain, from the development of a regular chain purchase plan to start, then what kind of plan is perfect, generally speaking, the link cannot do too fast, can be in accordance with the Links The frequency of the day 1-2 exchange links, then buy is the same, not one day 5-6 links together, sure this link on the site too much, and added, usually to observe the response of Shanghai love, generally speaking, 2-3 days later, again can be added, after all continued the link is website promotion way, so long a chain in accordance with this plan, I believe that soon there will be results.

first, buy the chain chain must be stable.


again, about the purchase link website chain

now believes that link trading has become a market for me now, just finished a website, want to quickly improve the ranking of the link is an essential factor, after all, if you want to quickly se sure your website, a strong link to the purchase plan is essential, takes a certain amount of money. Buy some of the stability of the chain, for their websites to improve the ranking position of power, so here, Phil said, three points should be paid attention to in the process of buying links.

will coexist

second, the quality and quantity of

some people think, but do link is to be of high quality, and if most of your links are from Gao Quanzhong’s links, so it is also very easy to let se think you are cheating, especially outside the chain of the chain way to buy, from every corner, both the贵族宝贝 suffix and suffix.Cn on the other, domain name suffixes, link everywhere nets, and both the link weights, to ensure a peaceful situation to growth, to improve, this is what we should do, to industry chain, down to the local forum signature, even some of the blog’s message, and so on, these we are a flat, and growth is the key for us, so we have such a sentence, the quantity and quality of coexist, it should not only pay attention to quality rather than quantity.

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