Let the website ranking into search engine results before three

excellence in our website before, to reinforce the foundation base, and can obtain the optimal score good user voting, search engine trust points website is keyword based optimization of high starting.

before we share many quick access to web page ranking Shanghai Dragon technology, and mostly for the vocabulary is the industry’s popular vocabulary, the word competition strength, relative ranking time and operation technology is advantageous. But, the problem is transformed into popular word rate is very low, one for the purpose of marketing website, if there is no conversion rate and the difference between what a pillow with an embroidered case.

first, the hole industry, fine information.

as a web site optimization, especially for the optimization of the web site keywords ranking, it is not easy to get the position of the top three search engines. The author Dennis is not alarmist, ask the network only with the industry website thousands, ignore the simple face job site, and the site competition before the three ranking of the site base is quite large.

Of course

the result is the complete competition does not involve detailed information or precise positioning will not do, can be the most direct and user friendly, friendly search engine.

when we put the site of some popular words and long tail words do quite well, the fact that the site has been part of the audience and even flow. Hot words the next step for the industry is that, with these words to open network marketing channel website. How to let these words into the search engine ranking in the top three? In fact is not difficult, the focus is on you throughout the industry and to grasp the degree of understanding of the potential user groups.

wanted to surprise the enemy awareness, it is necessary to understand your industry, observe the competitor’s website, the website also rectification from the user perspective. Analysis of user groups, website content according to user needs, the user will need to understand what search words, they settle on what information content. Then, the types of information website segments, precise layout, core information on the site to bear the brunt of the position, the first user access to the site can see, click on the first step guide. The information and the corresponding keywords station, take regional targeted, targeted products, demand for dividing the type and content of product feature.

website optimization, website information and layout is particularly important. Before I Dennis that share high quality content and the chain layout will allow users and search engine for website points. Do the station information, title do good to play the key role for the site and the position of the points, and the definition of keyword and description can also for web site points. The content of the web site to the user needs, and ultimately to go to the website or marketing theme, the ingenious guide to let the user naturally without excessive.

second, aware of its information, and its quality.

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