Keywords real snapshot snapshot and what different situation

search site, the results were as follows:

generally appear this kind of phenomenon behind the snapshot also do not need to worry too much, because this is the basic reason why love Shanghai side, as long as the amount collected and ranked no change, no signs of the site is down right then it’s not what the problem, continue to work not to change during this period, for a period of time. The. Do not optimize the patience and tolerance to the search engine how to do.

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some time ago now, many webmaster friends met keywords snapshot and website snapshot time of different things. The concrete manifestation is the keyword search site optimization, see the home page and older snapshots, but direct search site name or web site snapshot is relatively new found belong to the normal range of time. This phenomenon is the emergence of this situation is not a few of our Shanghai Longfeng notebook, here are two main keyword search results.


2, love Shanghai is under test or adjustment algorithm.

1, love Shanghai different server update time is not unified by. Hesitate to search engine has many web server stores the data and index results, so it may be the same keyword data on the same server, in order to achieve the fast search results. Because the server update snapshot in time, resulting in different time snapshot server difference may, in short is not the reason to update the database synchronization.


3, trust degree and weight problems, is the site has not let the weight of search engine or have a high enough trust.

is not difficult to see the latest snapshot snapshot keywords and true is different, this reason puzzled many webmaster, a general understanding of the possible reasons should be nothing more than the following:


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