The new algorithm under the Shanghai love a few changes mentioned above also happen to you

three, a large number of B2B sites outside the chain to become No one shows any interest in, where, B2B website, forum, blog, priority among priorities among these is B2B website, forum before it may be used, but for the weight that is far less than the B2B website, every day a large number of original the editor of the product information, to be dumped into the B2B website, less day dozens, many hundreds, or even the kind of mass mechanical machine one day up to several thousand, some time outside the chain has almost become a majority of Shanghai Longfeng work. Many companies have specialized chain specialist, shows the importance of the chain, with the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform has announced on hyperlink algorithm upgrades, but also off the chain to function, this news release It is raged, don’t love Shanghai no longer need the chain, the chain of love after Shanghai ranked no help, no bitter Shanghai dragon every day to make the chain, free, relaxed, but love Shanghai really abandoned the chain, but I believe many people no longer send outside the chain of words is There are plenty of people who.

forum, basically go up a little, before Shanghai dragon circles five forum, can be said to be bursting with popularity, just send a post, can be drew thousands of pages long, BBS signature can be obtained outside the chain, is conducive to the rankings, whether it is not useful for their posts, have left naturally or half unconsciously. Reply, then produces a large amount of waste recovery, commonly known as irrigation, not only is there any replies, post, get a Machine Translation at the end of the article, or under the others. For their release, the role is the same, can increase the external links, can give lower ranking points, due to love Shanghai the forum is now above the weight, basically difficult to appear, many now popular forum is also plummeted.

four batch in soft > included


, the two most commonly used commands: site and domain site, we all know is to check the website content included, domain is to check the site outside the chain included, inside and outside the station included high strong chain website ranking is raising health determinants, so basically almost every webmaster will use the two once the command, the two command data has a wide range of volatility will ease the bedroom, immediately suspected is not their own and there is doing something wrong, then will affect the site ranking, but now I believe still care about these two orders have been less than, now know the two order reaction out the data is not accurate, love Shanghai has also repeatedly stressed that the index included words refer to the webmaster, analysis of the chain of words please refer to webmaster link for estimation in a few years ago Then, many webmaster may even love Shanghai webmaster account are not, never to have landed, but now may be every webmaster every day will come to the place, now site also slightly can refer to, domain would have been completely useless.

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