Links is not friendly regular maintenance checks indispensable

if the weight of the site itself is not very high, exchange links is still quite difficult, imagine and who are willing to weight lower than your own web site exchange links? If the exchange means, should they have to pass a part of weight. Although the link building is so difficult, but it is not once and for all exchange links end to wait for the search engine update snapshot of the moment, just completed a start. With the content of the website construction, also need to maintain links, and to exchange links is even more so. Because of the Friendship Exchange will also need your own website links to other websites. If the slightest mistake, such as other sites running unstable, or suffered a search engine punishment, even will bring negative influence to our website. So the link construction, especially the exchange to Links, is the need for regular and non regular inspection and maintenance.

Since Although the

content has attracted more and more attention as a search engine, but search engines crawl the Web way, the link is still very important. The actual situation is enough to show that the quality of the reasonable and diverse backlinks and keyword anchor text links, can effectively enhance the website weight and keywords ranking. Many owners in order to get more links, but also moving enough brains, kinds of the power tools group is derived from the emerge in an endless stream. In a variety of links to resources and links in exchange for the highest quality Links. First is the only weight equivalent, will be linked to each other; secondly, most Links exchange are the same type of website, the relative quality is much higher.

, check the link is stable or not, the timely removal of one-way links

in the construction of website production, we often talk about the term chain, the so-called dead link is URL links or anchor text links, not normal loading or open speed is too slow. Links to resources or not, when exchanging links within a few minutes is not known, but if the link is not stable, it will give a link to the website impact. Check the link is stable or not, first is the link resource running stability check. Of course, there is the second purpose and meaning is to check the website of the other side is not already deleted their links.

is to exchange links, then the link is mutual, and transfer the weight is mutual. Although unilaterally delete links within a short time and will not give your website to bring too much negative influence. But this will cause the website weight if things go on like this, after all, goes on, so if you find yourself in the other links that have been deleted, communicate to no avail, the only thing to do is to immediately delete the other site links. How can be found only through regular and irregular checks. In the link exchange, we will generally pay attention to the number of other sites. Because in a period of time, the weight of a web site is relatively fixed, the more the number of outbound links, the average weight to each link is low. If the link in the inspection, found a web site are >

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