Hefei mother eight major factors affecting the weights of the website

5, included to update the number site, reasonable decorate link bait, increase the number of web page included. Although between included quantity and weight is not absolute, but you have seen the same type of industry website included tens of thousands of the number of only dozens of higher weight

4, the content of the website "although the world article a copy, see you will not copy copy", but we suggest webmaster can practice a pair of good pen. If you can adhere to the website to create high-quality original content, in fact is to search engine injected fresh blood. It is not the original, must be false. Not wholly intact copy paste, especially the so-called pseudo original automatic collection of machine after paragraph statement you cheat in mere trash, who


a good webmaster site optimization should be the most important goal is to enhance the weight of the website, not only pay attention to several keywords ranking. This is a tall person said: the highest level of Shanghai dragon is forget Shanghai dragon. But really that is easier said than done. Hefei Shanghai dragon mother who has not yet reached such a state, but has been in this direction. In fact, enhance the site in the search engine promotion is more important than the weight of a keyword ranking. So, what factors will affect the site weight? Hefei Shanghai dragon mother believes that the factors influencing the weights of the website is nothing more than the following eight aspects:

, 2 types of domain name in general, domain name weight edu and gov type itself is relatively high, because this site is usually not a waste site, nor is the grassroots personal station. Secondly, com, net, org domain name weight is relatively high, there are some characteristics of countries and regions of the domain name suffix is not recommended to choose. From the user habits, com has become the preferred. Finally, the longer the age of the domain name, search engine to give the higher trust.

3, the import link that links the chain. The quality and quantity of the chain should be carefully. Usually, we must insist that every stable increase the chain. In terms of quantity and quality, the quality of priority. So we should pay attention to collect more can do outside the chain of high quality blogs, forums, for a rainy day.

7, the frequency of updates to update the site regularly, in addition to get timely for your web page, but also increase the confidence of the search engine. A more >


6, especially the core keyword ranking keywords ranking. We must first understand why the search engine will give you a higher ranking keywords, because the weight of high. Secondly, do the relevant keywords and long tail keywords ranking, which is conducive to improve the overall weight of the site.

1, high-quality website architecture website architecture should not only cater to the search engine, but also to meet the requirements of the user experience. The quality of website structure should be flat, namely: the home page column page > > the content page, and the site also contains TAG tags, comments, search etc..

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