Extension analysis of A5 on the five Shanghai dragon Zac version of the chat topic

read Meng Jiang summarized on the Zac chat version of the article is good for me, believe that the webmaster have similar ideas. There are a lot of problems at a glance, let the webmaster concern answered, there is also some problems just on the surface with a pen, and not made very detailed. Here according to the own viewpoint, some did not say open the issue of further spread, hope to help to everyone. If have a wrong place, also welcome.


topic two, the user experience and the Shanghai dragon proportion,

Zac with the teacher’s point of view is consistent, Shanghai Longfeng advocate is in line with the search engine, search engine optimization, and the search engine is to promote user experience, so it can be directly to the Shanghai dragon to some extent understand user experience. I think is not contradictory. As for PR, my personal opinion is now no more important before, the past few days love unrest in Shanghai can be seen for some time, PR website ranking is not good, not for some PR stations, ranking is not necessarily bad.

, a topic of government, University Press, the high quality the chain, how to get

although this problem now seems easy, but for a problem many novice webmaster will still make. Sometimes even some old webmaster, in the choice of keywords will also not willing to flow some keywords, although their resources are not enough, although they know the conversion rate is not particularly high, but no matter what the reason is, in the end still will choose some words like this. So >

topic three, Shanghai dragon is very important, but not all

PR and Shanghai Dragon

these links but also we compare the envy of a chain of the place, the focus here is on the talk about how to get these links, I think the government should release the link inside yourself, some government websites also have relevant forums, this is a good method for some big schools and the media link, is to rely on the relationship between resources and, if necessary, money is worth it, after all, in the body of the link is permanent, it and buy links although similar in nature, but belongs to the permanent.

topic four and the conversion rate of the most important keywords, not blindly choose high flow

for many small and medium-sized enterprise website and the webmaster, Shanghai dragon is very important. Because the Shanghai dragon can obtain quite good traffic, some large sites also rely on Shanghai Longfeng gained a lot of money flow. But on the whole, for a large B2C site, to seize the customer first, grasp the user resource, occupy more user groups is the primary. The traditional Shanghai Longfeng effect is often very slow, also all rely on the word of risk, therefore, Shanghai dragon is only a part of the optional. So, different industries, different size, position and different degree of dependence on Shanghai dragon also very different.

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