Discussion on how to promote the optimization of e commerce website

is the second, we know these, should be how to promote the optimization. In fact, promotion is to promote themselves out, this is a bit like society almost blind. The first is to package yourself first impression; saying everyone has the heart of beauty. So we can not deny the first eye-catching or appearance, we see the first blind date is what kind of cute appearance, knowledgeable, etc. or subsequent to talk about the same girl, see you guys is the reason, first in appearance attracted to. We on the site to attract the visitors is just the first step, we also see the good results, it needs the visitors want to see it, to find a point that he wants to buy, which requires a deeper knowledge of the optimization.

first, we must be clear what we do, the popular point of speaking, our website is to sell things in the above bond market is our ultimate goal, these did not feel shy of what we have, clear the direction to do things. Each of these factors are based on this website for the purpose of every paragraph, every picture, every link, every page, every color, every time the promotion is to promote your visitors to buy things.

fourth is trust, a sense of security; our promotion is to make customers believe that our product is good, can rest assured to buy the product, so I do these and consumers have a certain trust, so that consumers have a sense of security. So I want to ask you in.


again, do a connotation of the website, content refers to certain background and temperament, appearance with the passage of time will gradually lose interest, but the inner beauty will never fade. We also know that appearance is more beautiful not for a long time, Lin Chiling is Taiwan’s first beauty, if after a few years she will be old, or every day you look at her, gradually it could not find how much she love her beauty, so sometimes people see not only her beauty, and her temperament. When do we can see this? On the website we want to achieve personal style, and not a portal, rather than with other sites are the same style layout, we should have its own characteristics, whether it is local or alienation, as long as you have a special attraction you will, the connotation of the out of the ordinary.

e-commerce development is rapid, the establishment of various websites also accelerated the progress of the whole industry in the course of time, we do one of the most important purpose soon appeared, that is to make money. If we can build a high quality, user needs, potential users also can use a certain way to your website design, then you can convince users to pay to pay to a certain extent, so the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai Longfeng zhenduan/) e-commerce website promotion method optimization of

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