360 comprehensive search line can ease the webmaster as pressing danger

second, small love Shanghai in retaliation for the webmaster "".

The following

a new search engine, can play a significant role, many webmaster chat in the group yesterday, 360 search to a day hundreds or even thousands of IP IP, this estimate is likely, because 360 of the core search and love Shanghai is very different, good ranking station, get a lot of traffic will be not at all surprising not to mention the 360 client terminal, there are hundreds of millions of guarantee, navigation page hard to believe how much power to.

search engine rankings for webmasters, can be said to be fatal, especially for more Shanghai Longfeng counterparts is equivalent to the job, ranking good, is a secure job, high pay, good mood; ranking plummeted, is a secure job in an instant into fragments of glass, not hard to catch the last leader out of love, Shanghai is estimated to be 70% of the webmaster and hate, and to abandon the search engine, and yesterday 360 comprehensive search, to a certain extent, let more ER get a glimmer of hope for Shanghai dragon.

1) video marketing.

loves Shanghai once major, many owners will change, directly lead to frustration, are more likely to be unemployed, even so, hope in the 360 line at the same time, also want to do love Shanghai prevention work.


may be the answer, no way to get there, but more Shanghai dragon can take 360 of the search engine, to re organize ideas, to do the engine began ranking, because the end user has hundreds of millions of here, we are not afraid of people do not search, or back to the core, how to 360 of the top 3 keywords, this is the key. (here we don’t talk for ranking technology)

we have to admit that now love Shanghai in search of the dominance of Chinese, so we should not ignore the love of Shanghai, because it is not a wise choice, love Shanghai since 6.22 after adjustment, again adjusted to August 20th has not stopped the adjustment, change the data again and again the search rankings, now is hardly a mess, for users and non users ranked bidding rankings so we need a world of difference, be careful.

is entered, 360 search can solve the webmaster how to do as pressing danger,

for a few days, 360 search has been ranked to second place, beyond the soso, Sogou, Google, and erode the love Shanghai users, so burning emergency should be effective, but we need to look at the long-term effect.

and xiaopang here, hope more webmaster to develop some new marketing ideas, here to offer you a little hope, emergency:

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