Analysis of the potential risk of Shanghai Dragon secondary domain name or as invisible killer

record the domain name, first of all to >

Although the website domain name

site is always difficult to record troubled owners heart disease, and in the website operation and what website actually not replaced the server? But if in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of industry to implement it, the replacement site is must change the filing. But the speed is not satisfactory audit, especially the existence of a large number of "quick record" is the rate of delayed again. The grey record number is generated, which arrives without re record, can continue to operate the site. Even only operators also stressed that as long as the record number can be accessed and have emphasized the need to change access access. Thus, the grey record is prevail, the significance is more convenient". At the end of the day, and not the webmaster is not willing to re reported, but the social and policy suck.


used for on-line do not need to wait patiently for audit, but it has its disadvantages. First, the secondary domain name record regardless of the Ministry is in the clear gray domain because of space does not close the site. Even if on the other hand, if all the people apply for cancellation of record "for the record, or other website record will lead to domain implicated audit, may cause the site was suddenly closed. At the same time, the website opened more, the loss is doomed to more. So, if the webmaster is not suitable for the purchase of long-term plan gray domain. The station is not one or two days, even in the pursuit of success on the road, the more the more flawed risk is bigger. The secondary domain name record, prospects are not very optimistic, you are ready to buy second-hand owners filing meters

: a record number of gray value of the InternetThe

three: easy to be killed in the search engine starting point

two: "second-hand record name" eventually doomed

? worth?

with the Ministry continued to do the domain name for the record, "the secondary domain name, the domain name market especially has been filed more popular. Characterized by spending less money but to solve the difficult problem of domain name for the record, but also get an often for nearly a year of the right to use the domain name. But if it is so good to take the secondary domain name? The domain name has been recorded with extreme ease seemingly more easily make the fruits of labor are less effective in the use process, and even led directly to the site to lose at the starting point. Why say so? If you’re ready to buy second-hand to record the domain name, so some research and Analysis on the binary secondary domain name:

is used others domain name, it will have a lot of information of residual of the domain name in the search engine. That is not good you buy the domain name is a URL is down right, and you just buy a domain name in the search engine optimization is undoubtedly more trouble. Even the bad luck, to buy the domain name was K is The loss outweighs the gain. The site for the record of the time, but the optimization of the trouble, but also bring potential risks, many

four: the secondary domain name or the existence of a large number of 404

The purchase of second-hand

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