The chain method for the novice Shanghai dragon and the matters needing attention

followed by the contents of the correlation, looking for external links, content correlation is one of the most important criteria. Novice webmaster can go fine related forums, access to other people within the same industry blog and message, communication and support each other, which become active participants, build more human resources, it is also very important for a novice, Shanghai dragon.

first linked content is fundamental, many Shanghai dragon that the link is the most important, but everyone is that a good external links is the first one-way links, followed by the relevant content of the website and the website links, this link is probably a lot of Shanghai, the most troublesome thing, because you want others give you the link to the website, maybe others can’t see you, but others like you you can not see him, so want to let the other links to your site, you should provide useful value for users, the most important is the value of high quality content, not on its website webmaster provide enough content, will be in the form of external links related to the contents of the website provides other guidance. There is no free lunch, no high quality content, to obtain the connection can only be exchanged, or buy junk links.

A few small Shanghai dragon knows

3, the Links page not included, this is also a special on Links pages, some web pages Links seem normal, connection >

there is exchange links to the attention of the novice must know the trick, exchange links, most of the webmaster can be conscientious, honest and honest cooperation of both sides, but there are a few webmaster love playing some small tricks, trying to get the link deceptive but not to give the corresponding return.

1, exchange links and delete links, when some owners talk to you very readily agreed to give you a single exchange links, a period of time will quietly delete your connection, let him become one-way links link on your website, some Adsense program automatically check the connection with each other, not to use the program the webmaster should do Links records, and often see each other for their Links is still not, if the other side quietly took, I personally don’t think it necessary to argue his links with the line, will no longer need to believe that the webmaster.

2, some sites will specifically Links webmaster page, so that the entire site only one or two pages link to Links page, or use the nofllow attribute, so Links pages can be included in search engines, but the weight of the web is very low, even not inherited weight.

done, actually a website to get good rankings and included, the most important thing is to have good original content and external links of the content, do not have to say, it depends on your writing level, several places and methods in here on my personal external links to pay attention to the Shanghai Dragon for novice reference.

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