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search keywords after the upgrade, the number of search keywords show increased 100 times, increasing the real-time traffic data, the new keyword ranking data and so on. But it is precisely this "ranking" data, has brought some problems to the webmaster, platform staff also received many related questions. Therefore, the webmaster specially invited Tool Engineer for everyone to explain why the "ranking" data with a decimal point.

www.123贵族宝贝/b.html twentieth

The value of

www.123贵族宝贝 in the "Beijing" is the keyword ranking value calculation method is (1+4+20) /3=8.3

qualifying so we statistics a keyword, a site in the top 20 of the times, then divided by the show, has been ranked the average. Such as:

is another point we should pay attention to it, we in the statistical ranking, promotion results, Aladdin results will be included in the statistics, not only refers to the natural ranking.


in "Beijing", the site www.123贵族宝贝 has three URL respectively in the three position, respectively is:

www.123贵族宝贝/a.html fourth

first of all, we should all know love Shanghai search result position is not fixed, the same search keywords in different time, see the results of sorting may not the same. But one of the words may have the same site more than two results.

www.123贵族宝贝/ first

everybody is good, I am responsible for the keyword search tool engineer Guangyu, explain the following ranking data is calculated to me, you will understand why there is a decimal point.

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