Shanghai Longfeng data vane to remind the owners carefully

can be seen from these data the love of Shanghai is mainly aimed at the current update page index included, although the update is large, but decrease and increase the basic equivalence, but also caused no large-scale K station. Combined with the recent changes in the structure of the search page, obviously in love Shanghai to update their database or upgrade algorithm, love Shanghai certainly not all right, like, may be in for a new generation of intimate search may also prepare for adjusting all components in the adjustment of the algorithm in the proportion increased the proportion of users, in may increase the intensity of structured data, is also possible in the original update spark plan, may adjust the snapshot display method is also possible in the upgrading of pomegranate Scindapsus algorithm etc.. In short, the webmaster to remember, love Shanghai to move.

in the rectification of the time, the webmaster to do what? Don’t go against crime, do the duty, who knows what will happen next, you put your cheating, you stop trading links, take your message, you put your garbage outside the chain, put away all the search engines don’t love things. Seriously good website content and user construction, remove all cheating things. On the one hand, at this time the Shanghai sex good, do not trouble no wrong, love Shanghai’s goodwill, on the other hand, no matter how Shanghai will make love after the update, always cannot do without the user experience, so to walk in front of others, do not die in the sea with the storm.


is always calm before the storm, the wooden Shanghai Longfeng suggestions webmaster friends, take precautions, be careful.


article: wood Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/mumuhouzi do not like do not spray, welcome to

love Shanghai recently is very unstable, by constantly adjusting, there are multiple snapshot file, not fully resolved, recently from Shanghai dragon love Shanghai big data weathervane see update, look at the big data love Shanghai recently under the self adjustment, followed by 10.23, 10.24, 10.25 the new data love Shanghai Shanghai dragon data indicator:

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