The effect of the original content page optimization

only do the original content, will have included higher, although hard, but also need to adhere to and grasp every day to update the original content, so as to optimize the.

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when you are in search of a keyword, there has been a lot of irrelevant information content and search results, then you will certainly change other keywords to search, so you can get more and more comprehensive and more relevant content. The original content is the needs of users to search information.

search engine is to provide relevant and rich content of information search, is love Shanghai provided to use search keywords and calculate the user desired content. Search engines will be included low weight website automatic filtering internet duplicate content, which is to provide users with a better search experience.

search engine through continuous strengthening and updating algorithm, visible is more and more strict, once pseudo original once popular in the Shanghai dragon world, is now regarded as a search engine cheating hand off. The pseudo original tool thesaurus can switch words, have also been incorporated into the search engine, it has estimated thesaurus than any pseudo original tools are full. The so-called pseudo original for now is useless, but extremely may be right down.

search engine to determine whether the original content is generally found in time, similar to online content and content links in the search results, only to maintain the diversity of users, and get better service experience in the search, the same quality of web content is very low, the search engine is not available to the user, that is not to repeat collect and index pages.

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