Shanghai Longfeng chain release skills

1. for the new Shanghai dragon may focus only on website brand exposure factors, so they no matter where to add the link. But I want to say is that the brand exposure to link weight transfer Never mind. Sometimes users will go to search links, but that belongs to the category of the user experience, has nothing to do with the link weight.

the second step, the calculation method of

we know that link the main role is to link to vote, other effects also increased the correlation, increase brand exposure rate etc..

3. link link based largely on the iterative algorithm to calculate, there are multiple versions of online algorithms, but with the actual, or not too reliable. Beyond the Shanghai dragon that the link weight gain has 2 main aspects: (1) to obtain the weight of "love Shanghai rankings, rich content, keyword ranking, the user demand is higher, the love of Shanghai according to these factors allocation algorithm. (2) link transmission weight, because the content page can be relatively easy to obtain the weight distribution of the love of Shanghai, the content page can be transmitted to other web pages through the form of links. This also explains the original content website or external links important problem.


Shanghai Longfeng chain optimization how to do? Shanghai, the chain is not in the mountains to clear the way water bridge to do so blind, so efficiency is too low, it is not easy to go beyond them if you encounter strong opponents. The following 3 simple steps beyond the Shanghai dragon by Shanghai dragon to teach you how to optimize the chain:

, understand the link with the Shanghai dragon weight transfer relationship

2. new Shanghai dragon also easy to ignore the problem is white when linked, don’t know love Shanghai grab the word as the anchor text. According to the Shanghai actual love between text links before and after punctuation similar words as anchor text. This problem is not clear, although the overall weight transfer, but has little effect to the keywords ranking.

chain transfer can transfer link link directly and indirectly. We should understand that all love Shanghai algorithms are summed up from the practice, not to use a mathematical formula directly down. For example, beyond the Shanghai Dragon said: my friend said a stock to rise next week. So, my friend took the message to me, I believe 30%; then I passed the information to you, you may believe that I am 20%, "the actual stock next week to rise" the news only believe 3>

introduction: recently someone in the group asked, love Shanghai shield chain weight, so the chain optimization is useful? Some say Shanghai is a lie, the chain is still very useful; some people say little outside the chain, do the original content. If such a simple understanding of love across the board Shanghai algorithm, it only shows that their thinking is not Shanghai Longfeng system is set up, even the Shanghai dragon chain failed to grasp basic knowledge transfer.

transmission link weightThe

Shanghai dragon chain how to release

The first step of

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