Through the analysis of different types of queries to obtain better click rate SERP

as you see above graphics performance, TOP1 is the most popular (52%), more importantly, the average 10 hits a query for a total amount of 208%, which means that the user clicks on the node home website is two times more than the other click on the results page, especially the greater the enormous flow of money 5 query site in Google search engine results in.



click on all queries


when the user search product, the first results of the search results is very important, the average rate was 53%, the total average click rate is 208%, if when the user did not want to find their own products in the first page of results in a product, they will continue to search from SERP, which means a user may click on more than two results.

The information content of The average rate of The average click query rate of On average


The average click rate


for general queries (non brand, non product) the average click rate seems natural, if you study carefully, you will find that on average all products and general query rate is very similar, the average click query rate does not seem natural brand, from the analysis of the data, we can discovering user brand query in SERP is not much.

general query rate

according to the user selected check.


the data show that, if the user is using the brand query, the position in the SERP is still lower than the average of all queries in an important, although it is very important, on average the total rate of the top 10 queries the amount of 306%, which means that users click on the first page of the results of more than three times. It can be seen from the fact that the users do not care about these phrases, they are trying to find what they are looking for him all kinds of sources, such as the company’s website, blog, online store etc..


the main conclusions of this analysis is selected according to the user query, type their actions in the online search, the click rate is different, after several times in front of the test, will eventually be targeted in the long tail keywords.

network search is one of the important way based on the user to provide the best service to customers, in order to achieve better results, we need to understand user behavior, by clicking on the rate of interest to the user search page in the search engine results page, through the research that many tests, there are three main types of words, these words may have different click pass rate.

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