The website of Shanghai dragon to avoid the risk of short board three optimization methods


analysis methods usually site optimization is accomplished through some tools, such as we can find related to A5 webmaster query tool, look at their website keyword density, site keywords ranking, and see how the quality of the website chain or chain, of course, can also see some tools through the website optimization in the chain there is no problem, also remember the analysis of others sites, only do the enemy, only to discover the phenomenon of short board


two: proceed from the overall, not only improve the quality of a hand, pay attention to the overall effect of optimization

in the overall optimization, still need further to the website of short board problem carefully analyze, on the existing basis and solve their own optimization of the weak link in the website, must make a breakthrough in these weak links, then these weak turned up their website unique advantages, so as to obtain the optimization effect better

found a short board phenomenon in the process of optimizing Shanghai Longfeng nature is the first to do the work, in the optimization process to continuously analyzed and summarized, including the analysis of competitors, so as to find their shortcomings of optimization, such as the construction of the chain, the chain optimization and so on, whether there is the problem of poor quality in the optimization process, thereby greatly reducing the effect of optimization of

The so-called

through a variety of analysis tools to find their own short board website optimization, this time will be dedicated to repair actively, through a variety of methods to solve the short board, when the short board, is not able to represent the website optimization is completed, this time also need to optimize the site through a variety of methods, to enhance the overall website optimization effect, only do it so that it can further solve the problems and the emergence of the short board, and on our website optimization will not be a large problem!

short board phenomenon refers to the board of a barrel can hold up the water the main determining factor is the shortest, in fact, this phenomenon of a lot of things plays an important role, such as in football, if that position is relatively weak, so the team is very easy be defeated, decided the main factor is a football team to victory is to see which position there is no short board, so the football game, it is not on the optimization in the


three: the short board become the dominant

When we ! : find the weak links in the optimization of the website of Shanghai Dragon

so we in the site optimization, must be good at discovering the weakness of the local optimization, and then focus on resolving, be targeted, thus effectively improve the rapid optimization method of Shanghai Longfeng effect, here we have to introduce how to use the short board phenomenon helps us to optimize your


we give an example of a simple description, such as chain optimization, optimization of many foreign chain is very headache, many outside the chain of individual owners spend a lot.

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