Open the accumulation of two arrested Mo victory into a dream

basically, site traffic should be accumulated from two aspects, one is the function, on the other hand is the content.

believe that many people have heard of the "bucket theory", a barrel can hold much water, does not depend on the longest piece of wood, but it is the shortest piece of wood. The truth is always in general, this is the same. Through the promotion of open source website, can indeed play a role in upgrading traffic, but this effect for a long time? This is just to do the first step into the water bucket? Can the water will always remain in the barrel, it depends on how long the shortest piece of wood. In other words, do a good job in the open at the same time, should pay attention to the accumulation of.

from a certain point of view, the site can be said to be a social networking platform should have the basic attributes of social. In today’s rapid economic development, more and more economic growth from the Internet, people depend on the network is also gradually increased. The construction site should grasp the psychology of the people. If you add comments on the site, so that your users can interact with you or other users. The interactive communication, one to two to go, even if he did not want to enter your site, see the comments he will not consciously point in, this can generate directional interaction, increase traffic. If one day a user, a user accumulation time, so a year will be able to accumulate less? Believe smart owners do not need me to say.


webmaster friends all know, site traffic is the site of the key, which is related to the ranking and return the website, is also linked to everyone’s vital interests and the purse. How to improve site traffic? I believe that many webmaster friends have made various attempts. The first jump out of the idea should be open, improve the keyword search frequency, increase website hits. This is a good method. It is this alone is not enough.

website can be based users to share content. Content is good enough, enough to attract the attention of the user, it can be.




, for example, like Shanghai Post Bar. Many people love to play love Shanghai to spend a lot of time every day in Post Bar, Post Bar and others, AC. As long as a post in Post Bar, there will be a lot of people to produce interactive reply, directional interaction. This is also true for micro-blog. Now more and more websites are embedded in micro-blog, micro-blog can share a key to. If you think the user of your web content, to attract him, he wants to share with others, and share a key function, convenient and fast, and he will direct share. You know, micro-blog is now a society, many people have personal micro-blog, there are more or less fans. Suppose he has 5 fans forwarding, the five and 5 pairs of fans forwarding forwarding, so the cycle is not the same as the leaves down, soon with luxuriant foliage out? Click on the quantity of the website is it to