Love Shanghai update algorithm how to treat a few days on the front page ranking chanted slogans

recently did love Shanghai all levels constantly updated, added a lot of restrictions and fetters. A lot of website also shows the record information, most sites do not have no weight ranking, make the most of a group of friends smelled ominous taste.

optimization rules in order to better

station to station to do a good job, to make a site with stable rank. Only do site navigation clear and updated regularly, the contents of the original high keyword density with the layout are reasonable, can lead to the spider crawling, high flow. Then do the high quality the chain, for example in the chain weight to engage in well-known forums, blogs, classification of information network platform, link quality Links, because the chain optimization plays an important role in the whole website ranking.



if the normal optimization, within a few days on the front page ranking is not impossible. Of course, if not normal optimization, is likely… However, love Shanghai now mechanism becomes stronger, this website is not for a long time, up to today, maybe the next update will fall, not a permanent solution. If you really honestly do stand, a new submission will be included, plus your domain condition, optimization method, keyword competition, some ranking is also very easy.

this situation does not rule out some possible, but I believe it is hard to have a good ranking, to believe that only to understand the

love Shanghai have a new ranking rules, which makes many webmasters hard to do the good station suddenly fell off, see the webmaster heart that bitter ah, really can express, because I also encountered this situation recently, so it makes a lot of stationmaster is very easy to believe that all day in the forum shouting a few days can let out ranking on the home page, and then you spend money for them, in fact, do not rule out some people actually let website ranking within a few days, because Shanghai Longfeng optimization everyone has his own way of optimization, we do not have his own success but others a good way to optimize the rapid success, but I still believe that Shanghai dragon patience, persistence, effort, these factors inside.

I think Shanghai is not out of love in the new rules, but the rules of the implementation of more and more thoroughly. Only love Shanghai in the user experience doing more and more strict.

A love for Shanghai storm


if a few days will be able to rank on the home page is the senior webmaster, then we are the small owners, should be more conscientious stand. We can’t be blockbuster, silently some effort, from exploration, find more suitable fast.

news source, but also make friends with hair standing on end. At the time of the half of the decline in performance. Friends are complaining.