How to do web search engine keyword optimization

some website keyword a lot, but they can not take into account other keywords, so they choose several important keyword optimization, then the ranking after slowly increase other keyword rankings, if several target keywords are today love Shanghai before 3 so the other key will gradually have a rank, not keyword be sure to choose too popular as long as there is a certain amount of search for our position, but the key positioning should take into account the user’s search intention, consider customer psychology, to translate into sales keywords for the purpose, pay attention to optimize the long tail keywords, although they can not give us too much traffic but in a certain degree it can give us more or less increase in traffic and click rate, when the keyword in the location must be good, Field survey data, the key is suitable to the local or think in a certain way of publicity, publicity in the range of our website, there is no need to product or service, do market analysis, and then look at the same industry website propaganda and the website itself value, if their website than our website a lot of strong, and we have the same keyword at this time we must consider the change of keywords, and after they conflict we go beyond him, even if we can go beyond his years, that we waste resources has exceeded the budget of many.

to select the key word is to choose the site of the product or service for the keyword, as we did in Shanghai dragon like we do in Shandong province is the enterprise website optimization keywords we choose Shandong Shanghai dragon, now want to improve the site’s ranking 2 way, one is Shanghai cooperation and love to do PPC, this takes a lot of money, if the day does not do the bidding website, no ranking, there is a way to the Shanghai dragon, rely on technical means gradually improve website ranking, although the speed is slow but many effects and bidding, but there is one point that is not the same price, Shanghai Dragon ranking up just a little less expensive maintenance can keep the stability of the ranking.

optimization is the keyword ranking, we also focus on key cooperation website article, if we do not understand our choice of words, so we’ll optimize your writing is a very troubling thing, so that the key word is not casually positioning, after the analysis of the needs of in terms of it, choose good keywords is the first step of our website optimization is the most important step.

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