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from the screenshot, we can find snapshots of these sites are not new, many of which are December 2011 snapshot, but the ranking is so good. So the website snapshot site Never mind it? There is one we can be certain, right down the website, will be updated daily snapshot, the weight high website why not frequently updated snapshot of

judgment standard method of website quality, such as viewing the site included the chain of value, quantity, PR value, keywords ranking, which can reflect some numerical site; for the website snapshot, so many people think it is a barometer of Kang Jian website reaction degree, but many owners think it is on the quality of the site, or to determine the weight of the website, no reference value, the reason is very simple, because the snapshot site of many update speed is very slow, but the ranking of words are better. We use the words "wedding photography" as an example, look at a snapshot ranking on the home page of the website:

high weight website snapshot is generally updated every day, unless it is a reason to love Shanghai search engine, a lot of the time we found a large number of website snapshot appears slow to update the situation, this is a search engine reasons, from "the key word search game" in which we find that the ranking is the most in the new home website snapshot, because the competitive keywords game than wedding photography, the key competitive large, once the website ranking no maintenance, could soon rival out of the way, so these websites are updated every day, every day will lead to the snapshot update:


from the above case analysis, can see a snapshot of the site does not fully reflect the health degree of a website, there are a lot of reasons for not timely updated snapshot, but if a web site keywords ranking is very good, but not updating the snapshot quickly, it can certainly release the contents of the website or the chain no the law, which leads to this phenomenon, which in our exchange links often encounter such problems, others see the snapshot update slowly, do not want to exchange with each other, in fact, this is not entirely correct, the webmaster exchange links to see that keywords ranking, keyword ranking, all other are the clouds, of course at the same time keywords should pay attention to the competition.

In fact,

is a snapshot of the site with the website content update and snapshot released a relationship, just the wedding photography website, perhaps content update is not very hard, because the wedding photography articles is not too much, and some companies have no special editor to manage their own website, so when the site had the time no time to update, and not to update, or when the content or case to the site found, which will cause the website update without regularity, from lead to not updating the snapshot time.

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