How to exchange chain


3 find some webmaster forums, such as A5, are above the Links exchange forum, can exchange connection posts or posts for exchange are inside.



exchange chain always observe, if the snapshot update is very slow, the website display is not normal and many other adverse situation should immediately cancel the chain, so as to avoid their influence as a station.

industry, similar to the snapshot, included similar anti chain similar these are the least. To analyze the other station is normal. The overall layout of the beautiful or not, whether there is a ranking. Keywords are ranking exchange.


switching technique

2 when our station is included and ranks, we can slightly improve our requirements, such as weight, included, snapshots, we can ask people, that is to say we have the initiative, we decided to change the.

fell in love with the sea to find some Links website or forum, their website put up there will be people exchange with you, of course, this process will be very long. You can also take the initiative to find the online exchange.

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exchange rules


exchange chain is a very real problem facing every Shanghai dragon Er, I come to share with you what should pay attention to some problems in the exchange chain, which links should exchange and.

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1 exchange links often is similar to measurements of related industries, people, and you change, but if our station is a new station, we will highlight our advantages, such as a snapshot of the next day, every day, such as special maintenance.

2 each have their own QQ, search for "Links" can find a lot of related exchange link group in the group to find. Add in the group after an active point, someone will find you exchange links. Of course, we can also exchange private chat people.




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