Shanghai Longfeng search Chinese segmentation algorithm principle combat tutorial


search engine Chinese segmentation principle

may have some new friends to look Chinese word segmentation theory is very complicated, but you need to complete the same word. Those theories, not too much, as long as you know how to do the calculation method and each page segmentation can be, now Gu Fangyuan or "Shanghai dragon search Chinese segmentation algorithm principle combat tutorial" title examples to share Chinese word segmentation algorithm.

you can understand this kind of thinking, so the sentence is divided into each word or a single word is the first page of search engine to do, is the most important step, because only a good word, to give an accurate feedback information of value to the user for a professional website optimization personnel Chinese the segmentation method is also very important, because the Lord has put every word to optimize good segmentation, in order to better optimize the work of each web page, we can clearly tell the search engine I this website is on behalf of what to improve the search engine ranking opportunity, also clearly tell the user to your web page the content of expression, this is Gu Fangyuan Hospital of Shanghai Longfeng advisory services since the most profound experience, often a "word wrong, more efforts are wasted. Do, because Shanghai Longfeng promotion enterprises is very efficient, low efficiency means Italy investment and return rate is too low, is a wrong strategy without reasonable utilization of enterprise resources.

search engine Chinese segmentation algorithm principle

1, the smallest part in morphology, is also a lot of small to keyword segmentation for different phrases, find the smallest phrases in each sentence, such as first divided into common.

first of all we want to know the working principle of search engine is the content of every page in word input to the database, such as your title is: the dream of Shanghai dragon combat training to provide free Shanghai dragon tutorial, then search engines take the title into search engine has been stored dictionary words and users often focus on words, such as: "dream", Shanghai dragon, combat, training, provide, free of charge, Shanghai dragon tutorial, Shanghai dragon combat training, free Shanghai dragon tutorial free Shanghai dragon training and Shanghai dragon training and so on, more here is not to list, see diagram.

Shanghai dragon Chinese search segmentation algorithm principle combat tutorial, if one wanted to become a qualified Shanghai Longfeng staff, then the search engine word thinking is must grasp, since only the master word thinking, you can make the search engine love, but users also love ", although in the dream tour video tutorial a shared search engine Chinese segmentation principle, but not completely, the system with text and pictures version version and share, so Gu Fangyuan will take you how to learn Shanghai dragon search word thinking.




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