Tens of millions of information classifiers only 4 weeks optimization to love Shanghai home

this time optimization are:

blog, external links, anchor text pointing to pages appropriate, but must be pointing to the page links in the

? Keep the site updated daily at least 1

7, the community forum, see snapshot, included, PR external link building

4, a blog, a blog update time every day morning, without any link, the afternoon the core keywords anchor text construction, and took on the web site.

6, Links, first look at the snapshot included, look at the number of Links, look at the quality of the other Links number, look at the PR output value, finally see PR

, an article above. The original and reproduced.

company in May 17th, a week before the no action, all of them are familiar with the company, familiar with the company’s website, make optimization scheme. Because the pre charge station is not only one, so took a week to write planning scheme, analysis. This may be a long time for many birds, but I’m just a novice, just for three months. Here’s to a laptop to share company station optimization experience and methods I this time.

8, Shanghai love quiz, Search ask full page links within

do not challenge the Shanghai dragon cannot become Shanghai dragon er.

By the way I

10, Shanghai, Post Bar love >

2, to the title of the article must be changed, and the title of the article can bring the core keywords to take, can not take the will and the core keywords linked to

at the time of writing this article I also very contradictory, the contradiction is if you share my heart out, and there will be a lot of people don’t respect my work achievement. These people will not be discharged from the Shanghai dragon training institutions or Shanghai or Shanghai dragon dragon company team. Oh, but this phenomenon in China is very normal, because in the Chinese turn turn is not the cup.

In fact, ?

station (bbs.itzhp贵族宝贝) of the word a is one of the core keywords "IBM notebook", we can love in Shanghai search, the word search volume in love in Shanghai up to 3 million, pay promotion is needless to say more. At that time I also don’t set the keyword as the core keywords, can’t, boss. Only according to the meaning of the boss. The word set down after the implementation of the scheme is.

5, a blog if just a blog, two weeks ago with the original, update daily two to three articles, without any link to reprint articles title will change. Don’t ask why


3, each article must have keywords point to home page and page links in the chain, and within each article of not less than 3. Don’t ask me why you want to

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