Talk about the love relationship between PPC and network marketing in Shanghai

network marketing is the product or service in a network of sales, there are many ways such as network marketing, email marketing, marketing quiz, blog marketing, search engine optimization and so on, obviously, a means of love Shanghai PPC network marketing is also. Good love Shanghai auction, you can get good rankings, so as to bring sales interests, this is the love of Shanghai bidding the maximum benefit, but we want to say is love some negative relationship between bidding and network marketing in Shanghai, the us one by one.


all know love Shanghai auction is also divided, the keywords ranking points and time points, if some popular keywords, so the degree of competition will be very large, to get good rankings, there must be more costs, if it can bring profits so you don’t have to say, but sometimes, for a key to do too much for the people, there may be nearly 1 pages, so this time actually bidding effect is poor. Without considering the ranking on pay per click case, now more and more people know the love of Shanghai PPC, although we can not result from the background color is very easy to distinguish, but we all know that a "love Shanghai link" is the love Shanghai auction, some people because of the advertisement of hatred, you might not to click on malicious consumption, just to pay the money to promote consumption; there are also some people who belong to the type of competitors, they click on malicious competitors ads, let him have the promotion account money continued to keep competitors from consumption, promotion to disappear or consume more the cost of. In either case, in the description of a problem, is the love of Shanghai to promote this network marketing way, undoubtedly it is costly, and click on the effective conversion rate ratio >

see is the search for the term "Shanghai dragon training" in love in Shanghai, love Shanghai back to the search results page, we can see several links here in the front row results page is through love Shanghai bidding is there such a good ranking, in addition, there are also related to the right side of the page the link, they have a common characteristic is the emergence of the "love Shanghai link", because love has changed its name into Shanghai for love Shanghai promotion, so, now see the love of Shanghai is in love with the sea before the promotion of PPC, the name is not the same, but the nature is the same.

what is love Shanghai PPC, simply say, love Shanghai PPC is the company’s products and service through the form of keywords do a paid search engine promotion in Shanghai love search engine platform, has a specific introduction of love Shanghai PPC can visit Shanghai love wikipedia. So, this paper is mainly want to talk about a love relationship between PPC and network marketing in Shanghai, the first we see a picture:


(1) greatly increased the cost of marketing cost serious waste

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