The boss should be how the assessment of a Shanghai Longfeng staff performance

search engine must be each search engine traffic will come, so that we can demonstrate the use of the optimization method is a regular white hat, can hold on for a long time. If you just love Shanghai traffic, other search engines are not that traffic is a problem.

first, hope is the source of search traffic both words flow – this is the most successful search traffic flow

second, this is the target word flow of technology but the ratio can not exceed 30% (Note: late)

boss rarely understand Shanghai Dragon technology, even if only a little understand, did not know how to check a Shanghai dragon or a website success. Today I will talk about this experience, hope to have certain reference to the owner and operator of Shanghai dragon. First, according to the degree of competition website keyword points early, middle and late stage, under normal circumstances, once through the new observation period should be ranked within 3 months of core keywords should to the home page. After half a year will be part of the long tail word ranking, the late long tail keywords more than half of the rankings, 1/4 keywords ranking on the home page, according to the keywords competition degree. Pre evaluation is the keywords ranking, late is more data collection and user experience improvement site conversion rate.

like I did before an industry is not very intense, like the popular keywords, there will be new period once through the website ranking, three months after the core keywords should be able to the home page, the second stage is the directory page ranking in 3-6 months, believe that no accident would come to the home page. There will be another long tail keywords should be ranked in the first half after.


flow of the search engine is the best control in 60%, the remaining 40% should be direct access and external promotion (i.e. external links) between the two best average.

external links is the external promotion, if the promotion "type, such as blog promotion, someone will click on your link to your site every day, not only to obtain the flow also creates a value chain for your website, click on the chain of the chain is of the highest quality, because this gives users value. Of course, cheat click except to tell you behind the bounce rate and explain why.

direct access on behalf of people remember your site. This is the most successful network marketing, this part of the higher proportion of success.

third, the perfect situation should be accounted for 50% of the long tail word (Note: late)


a healthy web traffic should be a combination of diversified


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