Shenzhen Shanghai Dragon how causes the decline in ranking websites

analysis before, we need to know the influence factors before the ranking does not have, as long as the understanding of the factors, then the Shanghai dragon ranking problem analysis is of great help. First of all we want to know the factors affect website ranking meaning in modern search engine optimization techniques, there are many factors that influence our ranking, not only our website and optimization work, there is a reason why the search engine itself, so we must first, only the first matching search engine. Search engine optimization effect, will we reach, so we must first understand the search engine itself influence ranking factors:

recently a lot of network friends add my QQ, a lot of them asked me why the website ranking will drop or ranking not before, there may be people who not only add my QQ users in Shanghai dragon Er optimization time will encounter this problem, some sites do not before or when the decline in ranking will affect Shanghai Dragon Er psychology, and there are a lot of part of Shanghai dragon Er will produce resentment of Shanghai dragon, in fact all of this is the website ranking drop or not before the cause, in fact is a need to motivate the animal, if a person doesn’t have any harvest preaching to do something I dare say that this person will not do a long time, so that Shanghai dragon Er need is the power to promote their site and source of power is to the success of the website ranking, you said here. Is not agree? We think back, we give up the Shanghai dragon because we are very confused about the Shanghai dragon ranking before, when ranking not before our mind will be very anxious, and a kind of helplessly feeling, a long time to think of giving up, so do the Shanghai dragon friends, in order to be successful the ranking, to maximize the interest of our website, the first thing you should learn is how to analyze the website rankings before, when the learned analysis, so will all of Shanghai Longfeng smoothly done or easily solved the problem, here you are not already ready to want to learn how to analyze the website ranking drop well below the reasons. I will give you some of my experience, and some key and I will come up to help you solve all kinds of problems of Shanghai dragon ranking, good crap Some of my friends have, impatient, let us into the world of Shanghai dragon problem, look at how to solve the problem of Shanghai dragon.

first we need to understand how search engines work, the first search engine is divided into three parts, the first part is the spider is crawling our website index information of the robot, we used to call it a spider, the second part is the search engine database is stored after the index information of the spider, third is the search engine server, search engine search engine after the database server is extracted, and then presented to the search engine pages, and is also an important part of computing the ranking, may say the search engine will be very simple, but the.


does not affect website ranking factorsIn the

1, the search engine itself factors

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