Apart from the difficulties in love talk of Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Medical Enterprise

later told the Department Director and chat to know the reason, the original medical in Shanghai Longfeng early, few people understand the Shanghai dragon, as long as everyone in text some classified information website, will soon be able to get good rankings. Then, standing outside the promotion so produced. So, at that time, standing outside the promotion is a very important sector. However, when a method is used in bad circumstances, often is not the way. Obviously, when only a few articles on hair classification information website, can get good rankings of the situation, is no longer a. But now many stand outside promotion ideas have not changed, still in order to send articles to send articles.

I have promotion to station colleagues chat, their purpose is very clear, is the hope that their posts can be routed to the first.

I entered the medical industry of Shanghai dragon has been two months, compared to the previous Shanghai Longfeng work, the greatest feeling is the fierce competition, such as a "regional Moumou disease hospital" word, love Shanghai index almost can not find, but the competition sites have as many as 2.30. In August 25th, Shanghai love big update algorithm, for the medical industry is undoubtedly a major earthquake, most of the website ranking disappear. But, fortunately, I am responsible for the site actually increased. Of course, this is not because I am Shanghai Longfeng work is good, there is more luck in it. Today, I want to talk about, and not to discuss all the non love Shanghai, but from the company internal problems about Shanghai dragon.

originally, I think our company is such a pattern. However, later exposed to the company, found that the sector distribution is very common. However, Shanghai Longfeng work, it can be said that the so-called "station and the station outside the chain, is the most basic work. It is divided into two departments, at least the chain link is not good to control. And, the division of personnel is also very interesting, Shanghai Longfeng department with me, two people. But when I stand outside promotion in the company, there are about ten people……

has just entered the company, there is a problem that I have enthralled. In the company, not only has a Shanghai dragon and a station outside the Department, marketing department. Know about the station promotion work, generally is feeble, with hospital website, address and telephone number, improve hospital exposure, and for some of the long tail word ranking. I believe that to say, we must think, this work is the Commissioner of the chain. To be honest, I began to think so. But the extension to station colleagues only to find that they do not think of themselves as "outside the chain": they text with a web site is the second, the most important is included, and some long tail word best ranking. To understand it, this fact with their assessment system is closely linked, because the performance salary station promotion colleagues, most is to see you send the article and get you a ranking decision.

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