Analysis of the effect of website information architecture for collection and flow

interpretation: several important parts of information architecture: organization system, labeling system, navigation system, search system, metadata, thesaurus and indefinite thesaurus.

See figure

love Shanghai Google included

1, A-Z increase the retrieval classification list (can also have other longitudinal classification, see you stand), why should increase A-Z alphabetical index, Pollux said, the index of A-Z, which belongs to the information in the framework of "precise organization system", the main road accurately organization is your net, and your "will be a series of nodes, nodes will be within you of your chain.

now I say changes in case I website:

site traffic

website changed performance:


, you should know the performance of the site. Included every day hundreds of increase (included ratio: 80%), flow rate increased steadily.

site structure: similar and popular website several columns, the following classification. Home some of the latest information, the latest list of the content page on the right 10 messages, most browsing information 10. The default CMS structure.

website: station information and download, 10 months of history, the recent three months every day dozens of articles and information acquisition. Update station at around 100. It has been hovering in 3K, received or is not deleted.

) The correlation between Take a look at the


2, website content. Personally feel that this is a very important information release mechanism before someone grab, guess, as long as the call correlation information, the probability of capture release is much larger. The experiment also proved that, using the title, the correlation between aggregate content, guarantee a steady rise in the collection. It can be said that here, can increase the correlation between each node in common, and highlight the reliability of whole net weight. (the weight of individual guesses, love Shanghai know more is the relevance weight aggregation.

for small sites, included traffic has been a major problem, when people in the original time a taste, are you aware of your website information architecture? I want to say is, if you stand enough weight, is the original also get good rankings, may also temporarily not included. This is the source of technology practice, the best you refute. I will analyze from the information architecture on the website included relationship with traffic.

3, super precision anchor text. Similar to the method of battle group, but not the title, but in the practical site where accurate anchor text keywords special. Here is the good poster network, time network etc.. We can refer to. The weight of the anchor text in the station, I did an experiment, a column page, a 4K index.

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