Have to say those details page optimization details the product is the foundation must be in place

F – product attributes of

A – product comparison advantages, the characteristics of the product


E certification, the customer, customer feedback and

B: (Benefits) what can bring benefits to consumers. This is actually the right sales law of special emphasis, with the image of many words to help consumers experience the virtual products.

optimization details page we can use this method to consider optimization details page.

E: (Evidence). Through live demonstrations, a series of related documents, introduce the brand effect to prove that. All materials should have sufficient authority, objectivity, reliability and verifiability.

FABE sales law, it is a simple sales model, through the four key links, to answer the demands of consumers, very skillfully handle customer concerns, which can realize the demands of product sales.

here to recommend a sales rule: fabe, a lot of marketing should not unfamiliar to this rule, but to do is copy of the vision, people tend to be utterly ignorant of this, here we take a look at. The so-called FABE



in the end is what?


here is a very simple concept of things, because from the angle of Taobao to explain this rule is a limitation (direct condemnation is too difficult), so we should abstract to understand, understanding is the core.


for most people, the details page is undoubtedly an important component of product transformation, and how to edit the details page, it is a big problem that we often have a headache.

F: (Features) refers to the product’s characteristics, characteristics and other aspects of the function. Product name? Origin, material process???? deep to dig the inherent attributes of products, find a point of difference.

this thing we do from the details is popular Taobao


B – product value, not what will happen, the pain point mining

A: (Advantages) advantage. The list of unique products to local. You can go directly, indirectly. For example, more effective, more upscale, more comfortable, more and more insurance……

Evaluation of

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